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    The second option of Take the Black says "Take 1 Infantry Attachment from that enemy and attach it to a Night's Watch Infantry unit within Short Range (ignoring the usual Attachment restrictions).

    If that attachment has an order ability that was already used that round by the opponent, does the Night's Watch player have the option to use it this round, or do they have to wait until the next round to do so?

    In other words, does the game "remember" that the ability was used by an opposing player, or is the attachment treated as a new instance when it switches sides?

    I think that the correct answer is the 1st one, but I would like to verify it.

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    Per the rulebook, "Once an Order is used, it cannot be used again that round. Place an Order token on the Ability to show that it has been used, and remove this token during the Clean-Up Phase."

    As there's nothing in Take the Black that overrides that restriction, the Order token would remain on the attachment until the next round.
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    If the Order has already been used then it has already been used- the model being moved to the unit has not been modified in any way. If it has used it's Order then that Order has still been used.
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