Galdor is getting back in the game!
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Thread: Galdor is getting back in the game!

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    Default Galdor is getting back in the game!

    Hi guys! I hope you all are well!

    After a few years out of the hobby (well I’ve still been lurking around and admiring other people’s work), I’ve decided to pick up my brush and give it another go! My aim is to simply paint minis I enjoy and actually want to paint! Hopefully this will keep my interest and allow me to actually follow through with some of the plans I have in my head. I also want to commit to improving the quality of the stuff I paint so I thought there would be no better place to aid my development than CMON! So I was kinda hoping you could cast your expert eyes over my first mini since my return!

    I decided to go with something completely different than what I’ve painted before so and the model that jumped out at me was the Nurgle Lord of Plagues mini (considering all I’ve painted before was high elves, this is quite a jump). As I set out wanting to improve I thought I would push myself and try a few new techniques that I’ve seen others produce some stunning results with, namely wet blending, some glazing and using a little bit of pigments.Previously I have always painted with the base, wash, highlight mantra. I also wanted to go towards a more display piece vibe so I tried to put some extra effort into the base than I normally would have.

    anyways enough rambling, here are some pics for you to have a look at! Any comments, crique, hints or tips would be very gratefully received!!

    Name:  FE5B51C5-5D31-49A4-9BD4-164C4B75120C.jpeg
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    Welcome back!

    Great first project. You are certainly at the right place...guys like BaM, Hairster, Eki, and numerous others, are excellent resources for inspiration and knowledge.

    My suggestion for your next project is to take some time and research miniature painting concepts like contrast, methods for smooth blending (most of us struggle with these), and I'm sure BaM will chime in with his wonderful resource for the STOP Sign approach.

    Again, welcome, and KEEP 'EM COMING!

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    Thanks for the welcome and the advice! I would definitely agree that contrast is something I need to improve upon!! I guess it’s just a matter of being braver with shadows and highlights but, as you say, improving my blends would possibly make this easier!!

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    Welcome back! Great looking base and a fine mini to start with.
    You’ll hear over and over again to push the contrast in your painting. BaM just wrote this piece on my website explaining five ways he conceptualizes contrast. I’d say take a look at what he has to say about warm/cool contrast and use it to evaluate your Lord of Plagues. Then see about applying that idea to your next mini, which will no doubt be your best so far!
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    Wow! Great article!! Thanks for sharing! Some really soun, sensible advice there! I’ll def be paying more attention to contrast with my next mini!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gorb View Post
    This looks fantastic! Love the griminess of it.
    thanks man! Really appreciate that! I wanted to go for a more muted, dirty, dark, sickly nurgle scheme than the brighter, putrid palettes that also go along the nurgle theme!

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    Welcome to the wips. As theothershave said you areoff to a good start.

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