Night's Watch vows - When to remove them
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Thread: Night's Watch vows - When to remove them

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    Default Night's Watch vows - When to remove them ?


    Nigth's Watch Vows are attached to units, but when do we have to remove these attachements ?

    I know 1 case : when another vow is attached to the unit.
    Is there other cases ? Do we have to remove vows during the clean-up phase ?

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    In addition to the case you mentioned, you would remove them when a unit is removed from the field, and when a card or effect says to remove it. The latter would typically be to replace it with another Vow, or move it to a different unit.
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    You only remove Vows when something tells you to.

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    Whenever a red haired lass enters the battlefield, remove all vows.

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    As stated above, nothing happens unless something tells you to do it.

    Vows are not removed until something tells you to remove them (in the most common case, playing another Vow on the unit).
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