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    Sometimes i wonder if i am just caring a little too much about these things...but anyway.

    One of the new cards for the NW is a warmachine modification called "Ready! Aim! Fire!" . That name is straight out of a napoleonic unit of muskets or other fire squad of that era. Using the verb "fire!" to call for a projectile attack that aren't firearms is odd...and dare i say a bit comical.

    It's used wildly in the movie industry (even lord of the rings...) and it makes no sense at all. No one "fires" a siege engine or a bow...you fire a cannon or a rifle.

    Now if your troops use flaming arrows it could be "fire, nock, stretch..loose/release" or some such but back to the point:

    It's too late for this one obviously, but please if any other cards are made with this order in the future, would it be possible to rename it to "Ready, aim, loose/shoot/release!", which ever is preferred.
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