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    Default Handy's painting log

    Hey all me and my son just start collecting and painting minis and I joined mostly so I can track my progress. We got the starter set and starter kit and just went to town. He likes playing with them, I enjoy painting them. I have some experience with sketching but not much with painting and learning curve was pretty steep at first. I was fairly happy with the first space marine, totally unhappy with my first poxwalker, then went down the rabbit hole of mini painting resources and here I am! Am currently working on the last plague marine from the starter kit and I feel like I'm getting better and better with each fig. I still don't know how you guys get your highlights so dang fine...

    My son is dead set on getting a bloodthirster at some point so if I'm going to buy and paint a model like that figure I need to get my skills up to snuff. C&C always welcome!

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    Welcome to the addiction!
    Great start, and rest assured, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort, you’re finished pieces will get better and better! Advice from a fellow noob, is to search out tutorials, asks questions, and watch YouTube to learn; there is a huge resource of talent here!

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    Hi Handy! Welcome. Like DaBeebs said, just keep hanging out here There is much to be learned from the awesome people on this forum.
    That said, your minis look great! I'm still learning painting myself, so about the only tip I can give you right now is to drill those barrels, haha!

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    Welcome. Glad you’ve found the hobby & the site.
    My first piece of advice for you would be to use multiple thin layers of paint to get a smooth basecoat. Once you’ve got that down, it will be easier to start showing some volumes with your light & shade.
    Now get a brush in your son’s hand!
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    Welcome and very nice start. Just started out not too long ago myself and I can say that the folks here are very friendly and helpful. Youtube videos can be very helpful, I would suggest looking up a few of them for example:
    Vincent Venturella
    Painting Buddha
    Warhammer TV (they can actually be helpful)
    Doctor Faust's Painting
    James Wappel (I think it is under Wappellious)
    But there are tons more that you might find helpful.

    I would also recommend (if possible) to attend a painting class if you have any gaming conventions near you. If you don't, the local GW stores usually do a paint night on Saturdays (might be different where you are) and new painters are welcome

    Otherwise, yeah painting more will get you better at it. And keep a positive attitude as you might regress a bit but if you push through it you will improve.

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    My son likes to do the weapons, which use the cool metallic paint and often stick out so the spatter is kept to a minimum. He also likes dry brushing. We just finished up the starter set and are ready to move on to what will be our main collections going forward: my son wanted to do csm/demons, and eventually I'll do custodes (about 10 years from now, given the rate of mini painting). We played a quick game with the starters and he put all the plague marines on the high ground and I remember thinking, after agonizing over touch ups and color schemes and muddy layering etc... they really do look pretty awesome on the tabletop even with their mediocre paint jobs! Also blight launches are BS.

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    Any advice on loadouts for the CSM we are doing next? Short of magnetizing, the weapon options are overwhelming us. We plan on going World Eaters eventually, so keeping them shooty and letting other units handle the melee seems to make sense. Bolters for the marines, combiplasma for the aspiring champ, and a rocket launcher in the second five man squad?

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    Add mini photography to skills I have to master. The last of our starter set, now on to some CSM!

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    You and me both. There are some on here who definitely know how to take better photos. Nice mini, I happen to be working on the same one at the moment

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    Custodes are actually a really good option to improve your skills when starting out. They can look great with a simple base coat and a wash...then branch your skills out from there. Your deathguard look nice...more good minis for getting into the habit. If your brush control isn’t good that day then Papa Nurgle just got a little creative with his abomination.

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    Welcome to the forums. You’re starting point has created some wonderful gaming minis. If you just stick at this level, you and your son will have a blast gaming with some of the nicest painted armies on the boards.

    If you want to do some display pieces your current level is a great starting point to build upon using the advice here and on youtube. Just remember that a lot of competition/display minis take folks 100’s of hours to make, so don’t let that discourage you from the fun you are currently having with your son.


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    One thing I've noticed is I'm painting, sometimes under magnification, and just dying looking at my terrible layering, or seeing these terrible brush strokes, whatever. Then I put them on the tabletop and they look totally awesome and that stray spot of red paint on the inside of a mini's bolter is totally invisible, literally. At least I"ve gone from like 3 days per marine to down to one night's work per marine!

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    Definitely know what you mean. I have to use magnifiers to paint (looks like a blob if I don't) and it looks so much worse than when I look at it from a distance. Also, remember everyone is their own worst critic most of the time.

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    My first paint test on the first of quite a few Red Corsairs. Man that black and red looks neat but black and black cloth is totally baffling to me. But starting to try some shading and layering and it's not quite the muddy mess my plague marine were. Maybe too clean? Feel like I need to push the highlights a lot more. But space marines are fun as heck to paint!
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    Yup, space marines can be fun to paint. And you are doing a great job in putting down neat borders between colors, something I suck at (too heavy handed with the brush). Not sure about differentiating black materials, but I'm sure there are others on the forum that'll give you some tips!

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    Much happier with shading on next two Corsairs... though it's tough to tell with my lousy photography. It's weird how their legs look black when it's just dark red. Ack. Need to get a proper light setup and maybe break out the DSLR. But overall pretty happy. Still need some touchups and basing. Also red black and gold is an awesome color scheme but black is a PITA to work with
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    Getting more comfortable with layers and shading to an extent. RL makes this figure hard to photograph! 6 CSM to go
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    Four more marines knocked out. Honestly just going for table ready with these guys. Gotta finish up the champions then we get to try paining other than csm for the first time in a while! Stepped up he basing a bit at least

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    Son wanted to add a lava ax to our aspiring champ, and it's coming along nicely! Just have to finish up this guy and one more mini to finish our first 10 CSM, then on to a hq unit, tbd by whichever he thinks is coolest...

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    Finished aspiring champ and a quickie rhino. Committed to trying weather and it was fun and easy! Best part is since I just did base coat red and shading of edges with some light dry brushing if I didn’t like something I just could lay down more basecoat and fix it. Man rhinos are way easier than csm to paint for sure!

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    Great job on the ax you painted on the last figure! Nice job on the Rhino as well. Only one thing I would really critique you on is maybe tidy up the inset panels (black bits) on the sides as the back one looks like you got some red on the flat and bottom lip and front one on the bottom lip

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