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    Finally done with all 29 berserkers. All speed painted and it’s fine for tabletop. But going to do Ahriman next and going to enjoy spending a little more time on one figure again

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    Ahriman coming along nicely. If you look closely you can see I replaced his lost right sided head easel with a green stuff cast but it will be fine I think after I pull it back and finish highlights/detailing. Fun model but that disc was a pita
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    hes coming on grand. looks a very fiddly model to paint
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    Almost done. Just some touch ups and varnish but on to Abaddon! It’s not he best list but my son likes cool looking minis

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    Nicely done, great job

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    nice one, well done
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens http://www.coolminiornot.com/forums/...ing-lark-again

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    arg it looks totally different in that lighting setup. I have to break out the dlsr

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    Better picture of Ahriman. But comparison of my first mini to my last is fun

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    I will say great job on Ahriman and definite level up in skill!

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    banged out a quick deredo to take a break before I take on abaddon. Initially didn’t love the color scheme but it grew on me. Actually needs a final layer of dullcoate but I ran out!

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    Very nice work, i really like your thread and posts( and particularly your sorcerer ), also i look forward to see your Abaddon!.

    Great work and good luck with Abaddon.

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    was going to do eyes but I think I like the no pupil look on this wip abaddon. Not sure

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    Really nice job on Abaddon. I would still say paint the eyes in, but if you are quite happy with it who am I to tell you what to do Besides it kind of does look cool with the raccoon eyes
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    think I’ll keep raccoon eye look. Not sure. Needs touch ups and final highlights but overall pretty happy. But what to do with open areas of the base? Box actually has grass but that seems odd.
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    Looking at the color you painted it, you could always just add some Armageddon Dust or Dunes to the rest and then apply some of the wash you used for the other bit

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    tried the grass with some ballast. Actually like it a lot. Abaddon was a fun model but apparently I need to make a termy squad for him before I tackle lord discordant. Also need more cultists. And some more custodes because the armies are way unbalanced now!

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    It looks good! A nice pleasant spring scene with Abaddon out for a stroll and that nice UM laying down so he wouldn't have to get his feet wet
    Seriously though, I really like it, the bright base helps him stand out nicely!

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