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    Finished up some bloodletters and a skulltaker, really much faster painting these guys than csm! Used contrasts for first time and it saved a ton of effort too. Lots of fun. Makes me wonder about tyranids..
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    Your getting better and better with each new project!

    Keep 'em coming!

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    Okay this one in really happy with. Feel like a lot of techniques I was struggling with when doing the csm are all coming together now.

    needs highlights 1/2 and basing but was really happy with his one

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    Looks great! In my not-very-experienced-opinion, the face gets a bit lost. It could do with a bit more highlighting, maybe the eyes or even the sigil on his forehead.
    I like the color transitions on the burning torches!

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    You are totally right but I so happy overall I'm worried I'll screw it up! And trying to be better about saying enough is enough and painting the next thing. Almost to 1000 pts fully painted so we can plays some pickup games at the flgs. Also I'm allowed to paint "my team" once my son has a full army

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    Don't be afraid to paint the eyes or add highlights to areas. Sure you might mess it up some the first few go arounds, but you can always just base over them and repaint or leave as they are and you will see the improvements the more figures you paint. Also if you are just worried about getting them painted for gaming purposes, you probably don't need to go that far anyway. Nice job on this last fella!

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    Working on the “good guy” army now. The Callidus and vindicare (not pictured) are very black. And it seems a bit silly to be too flashy if they are Assassins, though trying to punch up some details where possible. And they are tiny compared to space marines! Fun to paint though.

    Shadowkeeper color scheme seems so much cooler than any other for Custodes though sometimes I feel like between the red corsairs Khorne and now shadow keepers I’ve been using a lot of red black and gold. Might do some cultists/guard just to break things up.

    Many suggestions on a color scheme for demon princes that is faction neutral? Even better if there are 2-3 that are similar but distinct in case I run more than one. Grey? Purplish? Anything but red!

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    maybe yellow or go with a regular flesh tone but glaze or wash with another color such as brown or orange? Since green, purple, blue and red are really taken by the four chaos factions

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    Huron I’m not in love with but trying to run corsairs so painted up his finecast mini. Just here for completeness sake
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    These guys were pretty fun but man that fine detail on the pads. With gold on black there were a lot of touch ups for sure. Overall happy feel they are a high tabletop standard. Gotta get back to chaos so I can get his army playable. But feel like I can take my time a bit with the next mini a demon prince

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    Lots of cool projects lately. I particularly like that fellow with the book a few posts back.

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    Getting in some nice work here and there that’s grounds easy for getting yourself leveled up !!! You can see improvement with eachmodel!!!

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    Wow, sweeter and sweeter with every update! Keep going handy!

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    Little change of pace. Finishing up Assassins which are always fun. Also speed painted 10 cultists I an night with contrast. Tried to change up colors to hide the fact they are actually two sets of five. Since I need about 30 more going to have to use all the elements in my paint collection in the end!

    i also need to do a few more csm. It will be interest revisiting them after all I’ve learned the last 20 some of minis since then. And then a demon prince and maybe Trajan so I can really go all out on a single figure again which is what I enjoy the most.

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    Early base coats on prince and Trajan
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    After a bit of dry brushing. Think I will glaze a bit for smooth and the. Try some orange to really hit the high points. Thoug... should I fry fish orange then glaze everything? Or multiple glaze layers with different colors?
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    Okay guys. Photographing this guy is a pain with those wings. But which picture should I put in collection for posterity?

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    Would put a front and a back one up if you are putting it up for voting in your album that way you can figure out which is the best angle to take a picture from each side. Just merge the two pictures into one.

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    That is a great idea but I got lazy and just put this up. It’s mostly to track my progress anyway. I gotta our the assasins I did up too. On to a kitbash chainlord!

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