"better" quality fantasy minis?
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Thread: "better" quality fantasy minis?

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    Default "better" quality fantasy minis?

    I'm getting back into minis after a long run with Gunpla and large scale finescale modeling so I'm a little out of touch with the market. Wanting to do some practice pieces to get back into the swing of things, I got some Wizkids Deep-Cuts...and I find them not even good enough for practice.

    Whats out there which would be is a bit better in terms of detail?

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    bit better? Reaper Bones.
    But I'd rather use the metal bones line from reaper (better details, easy to strip the paint) for practice.

    Or you can get any (older) metal models you like for practice as they are easy to strip of paint and restart.

    Depending on what you like I'd suggest: old (metal) GW models (if price and harder reusability is not a problem, then the new plastics are also good), Infinity figures from CB, reaper minis, Freebooter minis.
    For practice minis I'd avoid: anything resin, darksword minis (they are VERY finely detailed)
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    You could also look at the following (all have really nice minis in metal)

    Darksword Miniatures (I believe it is all metal)
    Red Box Games (although some of his newer stuff is resin)
    Hasslefree Miniatures (has metal and resin for most of his stuff)
    Bombshell Miniatures (recently started doing resin, but all the older stuff is metal)

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