What colors/layers for silver-grey hair?
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Thread: What colors/layers for silver-grey hair?

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    Default What colors/layers for silver-grey hair?

    I'm trying to get something along these lines:

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    What I've tried is a base of medium grey, shadow wash of black, and 2-3 progressive highlights of lighter greys, ending with an almost-but-not-quite-white grey. Doesn't look right.

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    you'd need to put a little blue (in the shades then shade with black in deepest recesses) or blue-grey (shades / base) into it to look better. For highlights a neutral grey then white is ok.

    Some old colors I used in the past:
    - Base: VGC Sombre Grey (blue-grey)
    - Shade: black
    - HL: VGC Stonewall Grey (neutral light grey)
    - HL2: white

    Rackham used this on their silver haired models:
    - Base: dark blue (VAC DeapSeaBlue is good for this)
    - Shade: Black
    - HL: with more and more white-grey added to the base (until about 85% is the grey, 15% is the base)
    - HL: with white
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Fantastic feedback, thanks!

    My paint rack is 99% VMC (and MA). Any guess as to what they call Sombre Grey in the Model Color line?

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    I think it might be Oxford Blue

    And this should help you down the road (if you haven't seen it before):

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