Impassable terrain and objectives.
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Thread: Impassable terrain and objectives.

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    Default Impassable terrain and objectives.

    I have a question concerning the placement of Impassable terrain and it's interaction with objective markers.

    Since terrain is placed before deployment, what happens in A Game Of Thrones or The Winds of Winter when you place a palisade in the direct center of the board where the first objective would go? They can not be placed on terrain with the Impassable key word but there is no alternative placement noted for where the first objective should go.

    Second question, in A Clash Of Kings and A Dance With Dragons there is no such limitation that objectives can not go on top of Impassable terrain, does this mean you are able to place a palisade where the objectives would go and temporarily block off any of the objectives?

    I apologize if this question was asked here earlier but I couldn't find it.

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    This is a good, technical RAW question.

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    Personally, I have been playing under the assumption that "Marking Deployment Zones" step also includes placing Objective Tokens which have a pre-defined position for the Game Mode. And the actual "Place Objective Markers" step as being for game modes which have player controlled locations where you can use terrain placement to your advantage.

    Playing this way does remove the nuance problems that you bring up. BUT it is not how it is officially worded as RAW.

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