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Thread: 'Pivoting' and 'Dangerous'

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    Default 'Pivoting' and 'Dangerous'


    A unit begins the manuever action not in contact with the 'Stake'.

    The unit needs to do a manuever action by pivoting 90° to the left and then move forward.

    When doing the pivot, the unit does not end overlapping on the 'Stake' as its final pivot position. But by pivoting, the corners hover over the 'Stake' when rotating the unit.

    Does this trigger the 'Dangerous' effect.

    DANGEROUS: Units performing Actions while within this
    terrain piece, or units that cross it while moving, suffer
    D3+1 Wounds after completing that Action/move

    PIVOTING: (The only relevant rule I could find)
    When a unit pivots, it is rotated around its center to any
    facing, ignoring other unit’s trays (both friendly and enemy), so
    long as they do not end overlapping another tray. Pivoting is
    also often incorporated as part of other moves. During these
    pivots, units may end overlapping other friendly unit’s trays,
    so long as, at the end of that complete move, they do not end
    overlapping any other unit’s tray

    Thanks in advance
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    I think that would trigger the effect of dangerous, although the rules are a little unclear on whether pivoting counts as "moving." The text you quoted does refer to it being incorporated as part of "other moves," which implied that the pivot is a move. But the rules for impassable terrain and table edges say that you may pivot, but not move, over them, which would suggest that pivoting is not considering a move.

    I would like to see some clarification on this either way.

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    Moving of any kind, in any way, is moving.

    Pivoting can happen in two ways, by itself, or as part of another move (Maneuver, March, Charge, etc).

    In any of these cases, if you were over a Spike Wall, you'd take damage, as you performed an action while in that terrain piece and/or moved through it.

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