House rules : amazons, cowboys, hardy and card decks.
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Thread: House rules : amazons, cowboys, hardy and card decks.

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    Default House rules : amazons, cowboys, hardy and card decks.

    Just posting this in case someone ever wishes to use them:

    Amazons and Cowboys health:

    We switched the health values between Amazons and Cowboys teams. There are multiple reasons for this but suffice to say that Amazons over-performed in most of their games, while it was the Opposite for Cowboys. So the amazon bruiser has 2 health, and the Cowboy bruiser has 3.

    Hardy (3): Once per period, you may use this upgrade and cancel all damage done to one of your figures. Rotate the upgrade upside down to note that the upgrade has been used.

    Another way to modify this is to leave it as orginally written, but restrict it to damage from fight tests, so fire and "attrition" style damage still can affect the team.

    Playing with 2 decks:

    As simple as it sounds, people had less issues with the luck of the draw if both players had their own. Basically, if the opponent draws good cards, it no longer reduce your odds of getting some as well. If a card tells you to place wall tokens and there's already 4 of them, you can displace 2 where you see fit.
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