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    Anybody used these guys yet? Thoughts, experiences, impressions? 8 pts is pretty expensive, especially for FF, but they seem to get some decent upgrades for the extra 2 pts.

    Quick Q: I just ordered a Followers of Bone unit box. Does anyone know if these are the minis used for both the Followers of Bone & The Bonelords Chosen, or will the Chosen get their own unique unit box with new sculpts?
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    I honestly think the Chosen will be exactly like Eddard Stark's Honor Guard: using regular miniatures. They'll probably be included in the Hero Box (with Rattleshirt) rather than the unit box set (since they are unique and can only be fielded with him).

    I can't say for sure about the performance just yet. Horrible visage seems quite expensive (we see the same on Bolton Blackguards), and at first i didn't see it as too effective due to the growing number of units that have great morale. It's either super good vs cheap troops or seldom useful vs elite units. It also seems to thrive on attachments that trigger on panic failures, but this increase the cost as well. But they see a broader picture than i do...so all of this is my own mind gibbering.
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    I think you're right on the Chosen being like Eddards Honor Guard. In War Council app, the unit card for Chosen is included in the FF Heroes 1 box contents with all the characters. It seems the reg Followers of Bone with their attachment are only 1 pt less than the Chosen, and the chosen give the same ability as the attachment (prey on fear) so the increased stats on attack profile, defense/armor, and moral cost 1 pt comparatively. Not too bad IMO, unless the Followers are over-costed to start with. It's nice that if you use Endless Horde tactics card to bring the Chosen back, they dont lose Prey on Fear as it isnt on the attachment , but the unit itself.
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