Sorry for the complete beginner questions everyone but I have been googling this topic for day and clearly, I think I'm missing the jargon. I'm trying to find out what is the best method (paint choices and solvent combos) to cleaning up mistakes on multi layered painting projects. I work a lot with deep etching artworks into steel but wanted to explore detaling the images with paint.

I stumbled across a new youtuber called Night Shift who does diy youtube clips on painting models. I noticed that he builds up a lot of different layers of paint over a few weeks of painting. He often removes layers and details with solvent. When he cleans up areas, it seems to not effect the layers of paint underneath. He mixes it up with acrylic, oils, washes as well as some fancy distressed layers. I must admit, I had no idea how detailed you can be with the craft and I'm keen to cut my teeth on a new project. I'm loving the fact that you all work with matt finishes as well.

My biggest question is paint choices and solvent cleanup. I'm needing to basecoat (matt or low gloss finish) the steel once the deep etching is done. This will prevent rust. I wanted to add colour by brushing in the etched images. Surely I'm going to make mistakes along the way so hopefully there is a simple cleanup option that will not effect the basecoat's matt finish? I would prefer to stay away from 2k isocyanate clear coats to separate the layers. I'm happy to work with turps, mineral spirits and general purpose thinners etc... the isocyanates sound a little scary to be honest. I'm leaning towards brush only for the artworks. I will spring for a decent airbrush at a later date.

I'm guessing the style of work I will be doing will be half way between traditional pin-striping and the creative side of distressed and aged model painting.

So far, I'm guessing it's an oil on oil is my only choice?
Is there any good tutorials on the topic or some advice on what process I should google?

I would really appreciate any advice everyone.
Thanks from OZ.
All the best,