Guys, I really hate myself to write this, but I’m little bit disappointed with your logistic service. To start with, I’m huge fan of CMON company and I’ve purchased full set of zombicide Black Plague, including Special Guests boxes and Massive Darkness conversion + Massive Darkness game, Rising Sun game and addon, Rise of Moloch, Participated in Bloodborne for 400$, Cthulhu: Death may Die, and some other your campaigns. And if you need some proofs of these words - I can provide them.

My issue is very simple. I was trying to change my shipping address for Zombicide: Invader, since i moved to Iceland. (Pledge N 289152. Ticket N 169471 - stated as solved right now).

And i asked for this at April 18th.
At April 22nd i got answer from you "Sadly, We are still waiting for the package to be received at our EU hub.
Once they arrive the hub will update us as address change requests are processed on their end."

On the 10th of July i got this:
"Hello there,

We are contacting you about your address change. Unfortunately, we cannot redirect your package from Cyprus to Iceland. Your package is currently on its way out. At this time, please provide an address within Iceland that way a relative or a friend can receive your package. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your support for our games. Thank you again for reaching out and have a fantastic day!"

No, i won't have a fantastic day. I do not have friends or relatives on Cyprus. I tried to reach you 3 months in advance and you were assuring me that everything is fine.

My Investments in your game for last 2 years were about 2.-2.5 thousands of USD. And approx 300 USD were on Kickstarter in fundraising phases, not much i guess. So, i guess if there is no way to solve this issue, i will just stop funding your products in crowdfunding phase.

Really sad about this though

Best regards