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    Red face to begin anew...

    Hi, let me start off with this; it´s been, over 10 years since I last did a mini. And i can´t say that I was a good painter.
    And it´s been alot of changes in life to finally come back to this hobby.

    I´ve always been looking on your works, either the real pro´s or the beginners, and it´s a joy to see every time.
    Always looking on tutorials, "how to..." and other peoples/artist work makes you wanna go back and rediscover all the fun, pain and headaces that this hobby can give you. Hopefully, I will learn alot ( I allready do, cause the market/world of minis has truly changed) and I hope I can give up some tips/tricks. Or have you throw critics and ideas my way.

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    So I deciseded to go with everyones favorite; Nurgle. So for my first mini i bought the "Lord of Plagues" and some basic colors. Just to Catch up again. So while unboxing this freak, I realized… Have the minis change? Are they smaller? Nah, i quess not.

    So, i quess it´s time to make haste, and start preping this little unclean one.
    And I hope to post some progress along the way. I will see if i can find some old pics on the web of my old work. And hopefully learn from the older ones. Take care!

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    So, this aint like riding a bike. But Im quite happy so far. Just need to stack up on more colours.
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    welcome back to the hobby and nice job on the Nurgle dude. I really like the rust effect you have on the ax and armor bits (I still struggle with that)

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    Thank you ekipage! Im not quite happy with it. Lack some colors and my order has been delayed but rust is easy. Look at references like old cars, industrial equipment etc. I think the rust on the helmet makes it look like leather. So gonna fix that!

    But still Thank you. Looken at your work and it is awsome!

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    Moved this to the W.I.P’S forum as it’s better suited there.

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    Looking nice & nurgly. Especially for a 10 year hiatus. The pale skin with the purple bruising is very effective.

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    Thank you @dragonreach for moving this to the right section!
    And thank you @SaintToad (awsome name) for the comment.

    I would love to get comments and critics on everything, this helps alot struggling to learn everything again. So.. I did do some Changes to my colors on my nurgle´s. Cause i hate the green for some reason. And this is the way I took, it looks more old, sick and the corrosion really do alot on the armor. I like it so far. But i do need more contrast colors for this. Im aming for more blue-tone skin maybe. or more towards the black skin. To get that sickness-feeling. I just took a photo with my iPhone and i got to say that it does not make it just. Please C&C alot! Thanks!

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    Welcome back to the hobby.
    So far I really like your rust effects on armour and weapons.
    I guess it is an good idea to go a bit darker for the skin and
    maybe mixing some purple with blue to have a match with
    the armour?

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    One down...

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    Love the basing and the weathering!

    What are you using to create the corrosion? I assume Typhus Corrosion, and Nyhilak Oxide, but what are you using for the ochre tones?

    Have you considered using some brighter tones on the skin and disease? It certainly would bump up the contrast between the corrosion and the flesh/decay.

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    Thank you! I start off with
    -Typhus corroision.
    Then thinned down ”skrag brown”
    just picking up about 80% of the surface. Then a 1:1 mix between ”skrag brown” and ”ryza rust”
    then just clean ”rysa rust” doing some dots and ”Fresh” areas of rust.

    Wash it all with ”reikland earthshade” to get some shadows and darker areas. Then at last ”nikilakh oxide”

    I have consumer that. But I’m quite happy as it is. I might try a more bleached skintone on the next ☺️

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    Welcome back to the hobby!
    Really good rust effect.

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    Thank you!

    Im kinda stuck tho. Have some plaugebearers that needs colour. But dont wana make em green

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    Some really nice work going on in this thread, I especially like the job you did on that lord of plagues.

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    You don't have to go green, you can paint them a yellowish tone, red, purple, etc...whatever you feel like for the plaquebearers.

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    Thank you!

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    So far so good i think. Sry for a bad pic. ☺️

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    Name:  3E4C5340-594B-4674-8AC0-0FA9DF3FD7B7.jpeg
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Size:  1.57 MBSo another view from rosats work.

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    Nice work. I like the more flesh tone with the washes/glazes added.

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    Yeah nice I like it...

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