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    So. Tryin some New stuff on my 2 army theme... ”2 sides of the Coin” so to speech.

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    Agree with Gorb about the plasma coils and the eye looks great too. Right now the only critique I would have is that the body needs some other color as it the armor and the chains all look about the same right now to me. I do really like the Imperial Fist with the battle damage!

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    Still wip Name:  E791BD70-BCFC-44A0-AAF0-3194AFE637A8.jpeg
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    Really fine work on the nurgle dudes mate.

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    I agree with BaM, the nurgles look great, especially the drone. I like the glowing green sores.

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    Another wip Name:  B267C6AB-C599-4F06-A47D-AB114EDE7AED.jpg
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    Now that is some really good work there! Great job at the heavy damage/rust on that piece!

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    I agree with ekipage! The way you shaded the damage makes it look 3d, like some parts of the metal are buckled. Superb!

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    Thank you! Been slow work but slowly forward. Adding some metal to make the damage look more ”fresh” looks good so far.
    think Im in to like 3-4 hours work so far.... christ... I mean... emperor...

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    Atlast, something Done:

    Name:  9E1E48DA-32C8-4122-85C6-B0DF68172191.jpeg
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    Nice. Your paint wear and damage is very well done.

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    Agreed, your battle damages are really something. The dreadnought chest plate is a piece of art.

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