Hi, let me start off with this; it´s been, over 10 years since I last did a mini. And i can´t say that I was a good painter.
And it´s been alot of changes in life to finally come back to this hobby.

I´ve always been looking on your works, either the real pro´s or the beginners, and it´s a joy to see every time.
Always looking on tutorials, "how to..." and other peoples/artist work makes you wanna go back and rediscover all the fun, pain and headaces that this hobby can give you. Hopefully, I will learn alot ( I allready do, cause the market/world of minis has truly changed) and I hope I can give up some tips/tricks. Or have you throw critics and ideas my way.

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So I deciseded to go with everyones favorite; Nurgle. So for my first mini i bought the "Lord of Plagues" and some basic colors. Just to Catch up again. So while unboxing this freak, I realized… Have the minis change? Are they smaller? Nah, i quess not.

So, i quess it´s time to make haste, and start preping this little unclean one.
And I hope to post some progress along the way. I will see if i can find some old pics on the web of my old work. And hopefully learn from the older ones. Take care!