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    I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this, but just to settle a dispute that came up locally, can tactical cards such as Calculated Cruelty, which triggers when a panicked enemy activates, be played when a unit is being given a free action, or is it only when when the unit takes its own activation?

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    I mean... You answered your own question. The card says when they activate, not when they perform a free action.

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    To say in other words:

    action is not activation.
    activation is not action.

    They are two fully and totally separate things and triggers.

    Unit can perform actions without being activated (e.g. via free actions).
    Unit can be activated, without making an action during that activation (certain Tactics Cards and other effects could cause this, and Combat Unit can forgo action (do nothing) in activation).

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    Thank you. I needed an outside source to confirm it for a dispute at my local venue.

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