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    Default Horn that wakes the sleepers card

    Came up in a game tonight (and became a pretty contentious argument)

    heres the scenario: one HTWTS card played on a unit. One HTWTS in discard pile.
    Can the player ‘cycle’ from one card to the other and back again until they’re hand is the whole deck?
    card says “target 1 friendly unit and draw 2 tactics cards”.
    Then “at any time, while you control (envelope) you may discard this vow to attach one vow from your hand or discard pile”
    so they were drawing the discarded HTWTS cards and another from the draw pile -as one of the “2 cards” from the top of the card, discard the original HTWTS card and repeat again because it says “at any time”

    hopefully my description makes sense, any help is appreciated

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    You are only attaching the Vow to a unit, you are not triggering the effect of the Tactic Card, aka the "Draw 2 cards part".

    You achieve literally nothing by returning HTWtS with HTWtS.

    Secondly, you draw cards from your Tactics Deck. There is no such thing as "drawing" cards from your discard pile.

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