Any Expensive Units really worth their pts?
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Thread: Any Expensive Units really worth their pts?

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    Default Any Expensive Units really worth their pts?

    So, I can think of more than a few expensive units that seem a bit over costed for what the typical player can do with them on the tabletop. It's obviously up for debate, but Warrior's Sons (8), Bolton's Bastards Girls (7), Bone Lord's Chosen (8), Ranger Hunters (8), and possibly even those Flayed Men (10) all seem that they would be more appropriately costed at 1 pt lower.
    Are some of these examples unfair? Are there any expensive units I missed that are costed exactly where they should be? Should the fact that some units can perform extremely well in the hands of a really good player affect the cost, or not?
    Not a troll thread, just interested in honest opinions. I think CMON has showed a willingness to modify existing units if it benefits the game as a whole. My experience has shown most of these units are a bit lackluster in performance for their pts, but my experience may not be the same as yours'.

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    It also depends on the game size you play at. In 50pts games those units might be easier to fit in.

    That said, i agree that some units do raise a few question marks.

    The Warrior's Sons are clearly priced on their potential with faith tokens, so you have to "work" to get that potential. They seem tailored to work in a High Sparrow list, so this might be how and why they were costed 8.

    Ranger Hunters have some tremendous flexibility, but can be wiped if the wrong unit gets to attack them. This kind of "unforgiving, fragile yet super expensive" make them look like a gamble compared to other units. They did not do terribly bad when i used them, but likely require more uses to get the hang of it. No other units in the night's watch compare to them so it's hard to really judge, but 8pts is really a lot for a 5+ defense unit.

    Bolton Bastard Girls are in the same vein, and from the point of view of the Neutral faction (as a playable faction), a case could probably be made for them to cost 6. But Neutral units must be balanced across the whole game...and some combinations might have proven too strong.

    The Bonelord's Chosen seems honestly worth their cost. They include a free attachment (prey on fear) but can get the Lord of Bone in there, get +1 Save, +1 yeah, i think they might be okay. It all comes down to "horrific visage"'s cost.

    The Flayed Men are certainly an odd case: their cost is crazy, but basically include a "free" dreadfort captain. Should they cost 9 total? Perhaps...again like the Batard's Girls the fact they must be balanced across the whole game might push their cost further thanks to combos. Neutrals probably (and sadly) follow a unique process to determine costs.
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