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    Default Verbalis Kint’s Painting Log

    Hello CMON!

    Rookie painter here, about two months. Starting this WIP thread seems like a really neat idea as a library of progression. Constructive criticism and feedback on ways to improve along the way will always be welcomed!
    A little back story for ya; a group of old friends and I decided to start a D&D campaign, I wanted to paint my own character so I ordered a starter kit. I watched a ton of tutorials while waiting for it. Once it and few other things (washes etc.) arrived, I practiced on primed plastic spoons for a bit. I am an extremely sloooow painter lol and I have two toddlers ages 2&3. So my posts may be few and far in between but I’m stoked when I can find time. Here is the journey so far! Cheers!

    First Mini:
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    Then started on the Mangu Timur
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    Wasn’t real stoked with the cloth, so tried again
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    Tried NMM on the boot but ended up deciding I wasn’t ready for that yet
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    2 of 3 down and stoked to try some greens on the orc!
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    Base coats + skin blends
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