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    Default Speed Freeks buggy

    This is one of my first attempts at large scale yellow painting over a black undercoat. Just need to do the basing and I'm going to stop obsessing over every detail (maybe...) and do the rest of the box models.
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    Nice job on this! In case you are interested, I found that painting yellow is so much easier if I use Badger's Stynylrez colored primer (it's called Neutral Yellow) If you go to my thread, I used it on the skirt of the female magician I am currently working on so the last picture is with a layer or two of the Reaper yellow I used after. The yellow primer is still on her shoulders so that is what it looks like dried.
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    Any updates on your project?

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    Here is the the other Buggy and the warboss bike. Slogging away at it.
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    Default Finished the box set

    Both cars and all 6 bikes are finished!
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