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    Welcome to the hobby/forum.
    Great start so far, I especially like the orc.

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    Hey y’all! So I had created and ordered my D&D character on Hero Forge a little while ago. To be honest, I wasn’t exactly in love with the proportions/style but had a blast with the ability to create my own mini and there were so many options to choose from. The Hero Forge online staff was just fantastic as well. Anyway, I was hoping to find a different slightly fancier mini suitable for my character at a local hobby shop and would use the Hero Forge mini as a backup in case I botched the paint job lol. But anyways, without further ado.. ...The Charismatic Elven Rogue, Verbalis Kint!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dexter0015 View Post
    Welcome to the hobby/forum.
    Great start so far, I especially like the orc.
    oh hey Dexter thanks a lot man! I hit your WIP link in your signature and wow dude, your stuff is phenomenal! Just blown away. Cheers!

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    I thought the charismatic rogue could use an oversized gaudy finger ring or two. And if it’s a keeper, should I paint it, paint around it or should I have attached it after prime and painting the hand? Hoping one of you amazing veteran miniature masters can tell me if this was a dumb idea, perhaps something a hair smaller? Any thoughts appreciated. Cheers!
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    I love the idea, and it's looks amazing, really fit the character and the mini.
    I would paint the mini, than add the "diamond" after, as it is.

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    I agree with Dexter0015, it's a great idea! And I would add the diamond after the paint job, too.

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    I have to agree with the others. Mainly because you don't want to get paint on the stone.

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    Ok cool, thanks everybody! Thought maybe adding something but not painting it was frowned upon, feels like cheating lol. There’s a bunch of these little stones i can pull out of the trinket and it was a bit difficult to get it on there just right, so was thinkin about taping it off as to not get paint on it. If I screw it up I will just pull it off and add another after paint, like I should’ve from the start *thumbs up* Hope to find some time to paint soon. Cheers!

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    Ah crap ya’ll! Desperately need some advice! So I spray primed this mini and I guess the Texas humidity just went all “ah hell no you ain’t about to prime in my house” on me. It’s all bumpy and gritty like it was covered in dust or something. Then my dumbass decides to try and paint over it (facepalm). It looks awful! Can I paint strip this entire thing!? Will it ruin the mini? Halp! Lol

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    It's been a long time since I primed with a spray can, but if I remember correctly, the dust effect can be du to a to the fact that you handled the can to close to the model while spraying.

    Anyway, you can strip the paint from the mini with some products like "glanzer".
    Just leave the mini in it for the night, then use a tooth brush to strip the paint, it should peal off easily.

    Then you can start new.

    Make sure to spray in a non dusty environment (outside if possible) then cover the mini (under a glass or something) to avoid ambient dust to stick to it while drying.

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    You are the man Dex! Thank you for the tips, I am going to go shop for some Glanzer tonight. I was about 12-14 inches from the mini while spraying but I think I was relatively the same distance from the other two minis that didn’t come out like this. The heat was much stickier in the garage this round though. Perhaps I should make a small spray booth in the house? Or switch to paint on primer? Will def throw them in something when drying to avoid ambient dust too. Thanks again, cheers!

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    It can also be because the can is too far away because it dries before hitting the mini so clumps up

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