SWAT dark blue from Citadel paints?
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Thread: SWAT dark blue from Citadel paints?

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    Default SWAT dark blue from Citadel paints?

    Hi everyone this is my first post here.

    I am a newbie been painting for over a year and the following mini will be coming in a few weeks time.


    So I did a bit of homework at home and decided to paint them in the exact dark blue in the photo below.


    I have experimented a couple of combinations on test dummies but didn't quite get it right.

    I only have citadel paints and do not want to spend more on paints at the moment.

    It would be great if you guys can give me some pointers on this. Thanks !

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    pointer 1: closest approx seems to be: Black or Kantor Blue base (I'd rather use the blue, but on the pic looks like simply black), highlighted with calgar blue (the blue giving the most of the color) then with a bit of caledor sky (most of the highlights)
    (or you could try with 1 go of leviadon blue, but will be similar only to the point of being blue)

    pointer 2: there is no way to replicate the exact same color even if the painter gives the recipe. The dilution, way paint was applied, exact color of the batch of paint, lights used when taking the photo + PS filters will make the models different.

    that mini won't be that mini , If I see it correctly it's 1:35 scale, so around 54mm .
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Oh right I didn't realise. I will give it a go it's very helpful. Thanks MAXXxxx !

    Yea, wanna try something different from 40k

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