Unit vs Castle Walls - what can they do once it is destroyed.
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Thread: Unit vs Castle Walls - what can they do once it is destroyed.

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    Default Unit vs Castle Walls - what can they do once it is destroyed.

    I suppose this has been solved before but just want to run by this forum.

    In a recent game we had a question about this. It didn't start any argument or anything but we wondered if we understood the rules correctly.

    Once a unit is engaged with a castle wall, and said wall is destroyed (it still remains there as terrain), what sort of movement can it do?

    From what i understand, the only action would be a maneuver: the unit can only pivot 180 degrees to move back away from the wall and then pivot to wherever it might want to go afterward?

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    None of that. You only get Surge Forth if an enemy Combat Unit is destroyed, which the castle wall is not.

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    I wasn't referring to surge forth...i was asking about when they get to activate after the wall is destroyed (be it their work or another's unit), or if they want to move away from it for any reason.

    I can only see a single way, which is to use a maneuver action; pivoting 180, then moving straight away from the wall, then pivoting as prefered. Is that correct?

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    That is correct.

    It is unwise to attack those walls, the resources and time it takes to get away from them after destroying them is rarely worth it.

    Almost always, even without this movement problem, it is better to focus killing enemy units and just ignore the walls (But above mentioned maneuvering rules definitely underline this ”it is unwise” part a lot.

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    Thanks alot. I was kind of forced to attack walls, last game, because that "awesome bastard" Brandyn Tully (attachment version in a Stark Outrider unit) was so hard to kill.

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