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    After painting my first two giants, I decided that any self-respecting FF army would have at LEAST 4 giants. But I hate to duplicate things.

    The first two came out OK.

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    So I got two more and started modifying. First of all, I think it would be silly for a giant to go charging into battle without a shield. Even if he stopped by a local farmer's cottage and said, "Hey, mind if I borrow your door for a while?" Also, I added a torch in one hand (in case there is any fighting against white walkers). And I added a top knot for style. Still need to work on a few more highlights and some indirect lighting from the torch.

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    Next, I thought, "What sort of weapon would a giant use (other than a big club) to wipe out 8 Lannisters at a swipe?" The answer, of course, is a giant scythe. Meet the reaper giant (primed only). The scythe is a plastic picnic fork, piece of a credit card, and some green stuff.

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    More later.
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