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    Default how many faction?

    I know there's no real answers, but if you have to guess, how many faction you think this game will have?

    My guess are 7 (from the main houses) plus 7 more.

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    I'd think perhaps 10, total. The more time span, the bigger each faction becomes...and at one point the product line is just too large to be sustainable.

    So let's see:

    Baratheon (+Tyrell with Renly)
    Night's Watch
    Free Folk
    Neutrals (Boltons, Freys, Stormcrows, Brave Companions, then i guess the Gold Cloaks and Iron Bank of Braavos)

    I'm thinking:
    The Others (low odds, it'll depend on the last book maybe?)

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    In a recent interview with On the Table Gaming, Shinall mentioned 9 as the number. Not set in stone though.

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    9 sounds really good! I think this will depend on how the games evolve.

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    Michael Shinall said that the Arryns weren’t meant to be a faction at the start. Now it’s maybe different. It depends on the success of the game, like always. The goodthing is that Michael Shinall said A song of Ice and Fire was a highlight during gencon. It means we are in a good path. Also, the Baratheon and new sets have 4 different miniatures for each set (more expensive), compared to the 3 miniatures per set we had before.
    I would say that the best thing to keep the game alive is to show it to people who might like it. It’s highly addictive and the miniatures and the growth potential are great!

    Much like Oakwolf, I would say: 9 factions if we are not lucky (Stark, Lannister, Ff, NW, Neutral, Baratheon, Targaryen, Greyjoy and Martell)
    if the game keeps on growing: I would say the same 9 factions + Tyrells, Arryns, Tullys and of course WW (when George will finish the books.) I think this one is more likely (I want to believe!)

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    Even though i won't play them, i can't wait for them to be on the table . It will probably renew some interest too, as i think they are really awaited for.

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    Dragons and White Walkers. They will certainly spice the game and bring a lot of new players!

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