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    I'm pretty happy with my two Freefolk Giants.

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    I decided any self-respecting Freefolk army should have at least 4 giants, so I went out and bought #3 & #4. Not wanting to just paint different color pants on them, I decided to modify them a bit.

    #3 wandered by a local farmhouse and said, "Hey, mind if I borrow your door?" I also gave him a torch for burning the ones he kills and a top knot for style. Still working on last bit of highlights and indirect light for the torch.

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    Giant #4 is getting a new weapon - a scythe with a 10" blade. I call him the grim reaper. Cuts through Lannisters like butter. Primed, and soon to be painted.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Love the barn door guy. I also like the scythe better than the weird stick thing with the hollow stone that guy normally has.

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    Thats great, im definitely going to try that

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