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    Default Agis Invader minis

    The Invader Pledge arrived, I just had to speedpaint a survivor and two Aliens.

    As always, great sculpts, poor production, lots of moldlines and warped minis. Still - I love them and will paint a lot of them.


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    I finished all the different sculpts of the aliens from the Invader box (OK - minus the spoiler abo).




    Speedpainted Xenium Horror Abomination, since I really dislike the standard Spoiler Abomination I will use this sculpt as my Spoiler stand-in.

    All in all 15 minis in a week. Speed painting with contrast paint is indeed rewarding, but in way it feels strange, you are not really painting you are "producing" a paint job.
    I really look now forward to PAINT the remaining 5 survivors of the core box.

    More ->

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    The Peacekeeper Bot, Magnus and Baraka. IMO the military Survivor have a definite Star Wars the Old Republic Havoc squad feel. I like it a lot!

    Speedpainted Xenium Horror Abomination - re-based, too many bases are warped and are not really reacting to the ususal hot water treatment.
    I used round MDF bases of smaller size with sculpted milliput.

    and as always more on my site:

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    Mission accomplished: all Survivors and their supporters right out of the core Invader box are painted.

    The Civilians!

    The Military Survivors. The left mini received a head swap since I dislike the helmet. (Head is from an Okko Samurai.)

    …and the sentry gun and Peacekeeper bot.

    And the base decals are from:

    As always more on my site:

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    I finished the core box including all Aliens.
    Time for some more Survivors:

    As always more on my site:

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