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    Default Agis Invader minis

    The Invader Pledge arrived, I just had to speedpaint a survivor and two Aliens.

    As always, great sculpts, poor production, lots of moldlines and warped minis. Still - I love them and will paint a lot of them.


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    I finished all the different sculpts of the aliens from the Invader box (OK - minus the spoiler abo).




    Speedpainted Xenium Horror Abomination, since I really dislike the standard Spoiler Abomination I will use this sculpt as my Spoiler stand-in.

    All in all 15 minis in a week. Speed painting with contrast paint is indeed rewarding, but in way it feels strange, you are not really painting you are "producing" a paint job.
    I really look now forward to PAINT the remaining 5 survivors of the core box.

    More ->

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    The Peacekeeper Bot, Magnus and Baraka. IMO the military Survivor have a definite Star Wars the Old Republic Havoc squad feel. I like it a lot!

    Speedpainted Xenium Horror Abomination - re-based, too many bases are warped and are not really reacting to the ususal hot water treatment.
    I used round MDF bases of smaller size with sculpted milliput.

    and as always more on my site:

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    Mission accomplished: all Survivors and their supporters right out of the core Invader box are painted.

    The Civilians!

    The Military Survivors. The left mini received a head swap since I dislike the helmet. (Head is from an Okko Samurai.)

    …and the sentry gun and Peacekeeper bot.

    And the base decals are from:

    As always more on my site:

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    I finished the core box including all Aliens.
    Time for some more Survivors:

    As always more on my site:

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    “The cavalry has arrived!” - Clone Force 99, the bad batch is in my hands. I received the incredible good minis from Skull forge and started ASAP painting. Hunter and Wrecker are finished.

    Clone Force 99, informally known as the Bad Batch, was a clone commando squad led by Captain Rex during the Clone Wars. The squad was formed from four Clone Troopers who were born with "desirable" genetic mutations that set them apart physically and mentally from their standard counterparts. These mutations were enhanced to make them into superior soldiers on the battlefield.
    The commando unit was named after 99, a malformed maintenance clone in honor for his bravery and sacrifice in the defense of Kamino from a Separatist invasion.
    The motley crew that makes up Clone Force 99 boasts an astounding 100 percent success rate and skills unseen in any other clone troopers. Adept at working together, Hunter, Wrecker, Tech, and Crosshair use their unique talents and specialized physiology to execute extraordinary solutions on the battlefield.

    I liked CF 99 immediately, so I had to get the excellent after market minis. I even created some Zombicide Invader cards (they are in 150 dpi, so just save and print them if you like) to use them against some aliens from a Confederacy research station... Use the starting eqipment from the Zombicide - Dark Side box!

    More background and pics are, as always on my site:

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    These are really outstanding, Agis. I’ve got a few hundred Ice and Fire minis if you run out of others.
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    Thanks serbaelish!
    Still got enough on the to paint mountain…

    The full squad!

    Tech and Crosshair

    He may not look like a typical clone, but Tech is a valuable soldier in the Republic army. The result of genetic manipulation like the rest of his special unit, Clone Force 99 (or the Bad Batch), Tech's aptitude for science and technology are unmatched by man or machine.

    When you have to hit a precise target from 10 klicks, Crosshair's your man.
    Cold, quick, and calculating, Crosshair is the kind of no-nonsense warrior who detests working with "regs," or normal clones, and isn't afraid to mouth off about it.
    A member of the special unit Clone Force 99, also called the Bad Batch, Crosshair is gifted with a sniper blaster.

    I am very happy with the squad, I expect some nice Zombicide Invader games with them!

    more, as always ->

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    Clone Captain Rex
    Clone Captain Rex viewed military service as an honor, and his loyalty to the Republic and his Jedi Generals was absolute. Rex honed the use of twin blaster pistols into an art form, leading his fellow clones to victory on countless battlefields across the galaxy.

    I really like the Rex expansion, 3 head options and his typical 2 blaster pistol pose. As with CF-99 I could not resist and created a Zombicide Invader card for him.

    And a group shot with CF-99 and his friend and Jedi Leader Ashoka Tano. Ashoka is from Imperial Assault. The mini is slightly smaller in scale but fits IMO OK, since she is supposed to be a bit shorter than the clones.

    more as ever on my site:

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    Haven't seen many of those sculpts...and I love what you've done with them! Really nicely done, as always, Agis!

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