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    It has previously been established that no viable target is needed to attempt a ranged attack and thus get to shift 2 inches. Ruling by Michael at the following link:

    My question extends off of this. For that to be true, one would be performing a ranged attack action (and failing to find a suitable target). Despite that failure, would that attack still be considered "completed" (kinda like a Giant performing an attack with -1 attack dice). If so, would it follow for Nimble to shift the additional 3 inches?

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    I believe no.

    ranged attack first you shift then you check for a target to be attacked if none available the resolve attack procedure can t be done.

    but hey never say never. I ve seen some very strange rulings around.
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    You never made a ranged attack to begin with, as you had no target, so no, the condition for Nimble's second move was not met.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alliser Thorne View Post
    You never made a ranged attack to begin with, as you had no target, so no, the condition for Nimble's second move was not met.
    Definitely agree with this.

    If it would say "..after that Attack action is completed...", then I would say it would work, as you did perform a Ranged Attack action (even if it was incomplete, lacking the attack, but made the shift). But no word "action" is mentioned in the card. It requires a thing called "attack", and it to be completed. That just didn't happen, and thus couldn't complete.

    "Ranged Attack action" happened, but "attack" did not happen.

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    so the question is what is the ability referring to in regards to "attack"..... "After that attack has been completed...."
    "that attack" makes it sound like it's referring to the Ranged Attack Action, which you definitely did. In this case you would get the extra shift afterwards.
    "attack" though is not worded the same as "Ranged Attack", and could refer explicitly to the resolving an attack step of the attack action, in which case you would not get the extra shift after.
    To me it reads like you get it. You made a Ranged Attack Action, (although had no target and did not resolve an attack), therefore afterwards you get an extra shift. But it feels a little gamey, and thematically I dont know, Im probably wrong, lol

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    I'd tend to go with the majority on this one. Using the ability in this way feels akin to the early cases of "Can I declare a charge and then miss the enemy?" type of rules lawyering. I'd also focus on "completed" -- as the attack did not complete, the ability wouldn't trigger.

    Of course, focusing on one word in that description is also rules lawyering to an extent. Just, you know, the good kind.
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