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    The Cyber Belles (75mm miniatures )Kickstarter went live yesterday. You can check out the campaign here;

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    The artwork looks great, too bad the sculpts lost most of the facial expressions and body language, making them quite unemotional and stiff.
    I know how hard/almost impossible it is to transfer those small things that make the art great as I tried too to have sculpts made from artwork.

    what I mean:
    - red art: young, oval stylish face, playful, hair straight and flows with the movement --> sculpt: more realistic, jaws more defined, staring blank far away, hair curls and static
    - blue art: face is more rounded at the chin, staring with moral superiority, hair first go up then flows down --> sculpt: lokos copy-paste from red sculpt, hair quite flat, missing the curve on the top
    - yellow art: face between the 2, rounded, but no strong jaws, the slightly open mouth conveys waiting a bit exited, hair is stiff, but has the 2 locks on front --> sculpt: face again looks copy-paste, the 2 distinct stands again flat

    now on the KS I see test prints / casts, so I don't think it would be possible to tweak the models even if you wanted to.

    Still I'd probably want to get one of them from your shop when it is relased to retail.
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