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    And Eki yes I saw the new models. The queen of Malifica looks insane. Something I would love to paint if I had 6 months to devote to a single model... I also really like that orc that might be more my speed.

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    James Wappel painted that Orc up and it is one of the threads on CMON currently. I am afraid I would need much longer than 6 months at my pace to finish Malifica. About those wings you have painted (gorgeous colors btw) is that the underside or the topside of them? I ask because if you are trying to do life-like, then the underside should probably be muted (I am guessing you did your homework on butterflies/moths, but just in case) Otherwise, maybe use the patterning of one or a couple of butterflies (for the dots and lines) but just use the color pattern from one of them? Not sure if that is what you did, but maybe trying to mix too many styles will make it look more confusing than it needs to be. Just a thought

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    Eki I think you’re right. I went too hard. I have another design and scheme picked out that is much more subdued and will be more natural. My original idea was to do one side full of color and life and another muted and desaturates, to correspond to the base where her colorful side would be over dead foliage and the muted side over fresh live foliage, to make it look like she is sucking the life out of the environment. But how often to plans survive the brush?? Lol at least for me they don’t. That was an underside, but wanted to start bright and bring it down, which to me is much easier than bringing it up. Hopefully I’ll make some progress today and post on the new scheme.

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    How about these then? Examples because they have a broad pattern but it either breaks up (second one) or focuses in to the spots (first one)
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    Also, I think the only thing that I really notice on the ones you painted up is that you don't really have a blended in area where the red and green meet up
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    Man thanks Eki!!! I really appreciate it. I looked through tons of pics before I started and I really think I just went to hard on taking artistic liberty and trying to mash things up without consulting my references. I did want to go more moth and it def turned out butterfly. But i love the pics you posted. Thanks again for trying to help me out! So I started on another wing with a different scheme and I think this is where I’m gonna go. My wife pulled me away from painting early tonight but I made progress and feel better about it. Gonna try to make the upper “eye” end in a skull pattern (profile) to give it a more deathly look. It’ll be a challenge but I’ve learned that I learn the most in the face of a challenge!Name:  3A846979-0692-40FC-BA6C-58BE932136F7.jpeg
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    Alright... after waaay too much stress over what to do I got a good sketch of my wing design out. I’m feeling good about this, but any feedback on it compositionally is very welcome! It’s still pretty unrefined, but the base is pretty much done. The hard part is gonna be mirroring it and replicating it 3 more times... bleh. Hopefully it’ll be worth it, I have a small comp coming up in a month and planning on taking this to Adepticon for resin beast if it pans out well
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    Stay on course- your doing great things with this- stick with it!!!

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    Really like the new direction you are going with wings. It does seem a little more cohesive than your first one

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    Now that's how to do it -

    Start with a concept....
    Sketch it in...
    Establish what is and isn't working...
    Refine the concept....
    Be open minded and flexible to change...
    Refine your ideas...

    keep at it man...the step change from the start of the piece to now is huge and for the better!

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    Thank you guys!! I feel good about it.

    And Hairster you are 100% on that process.... that’s the truth! Especially the “be open to adaptation and change” part! Very much a part of my process. It’s very rare that something actually turns out like my original vision. And thanks for the visit and comment!

    I made a little progress on the main parts of the model. Not 100% sure on the torso yet I’m worried the purple flesh is a little much and needs to be more subtle... I used the monument pro acryl transparent purple as a tint and damn that stuff is potent! You can see on the scythe where I tested it at first at about a 10:1 thinner/paint, and it was waaay too saturated. But at the same time with what I have planned I think I can tie it in the way I want. I used my airbrush for the flesh, I recently signed up for some paint coaching to try to get me up to the next level. The internet can be a wonderful thing, so this is one of the things that was suggested so I’m trying to use it more in my painting.
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    This looks pretty cool so far! Great stuff!

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    Thanks Arkaan! So I’m atrempting NMM Copper on her weapons. It really is kind of a pain... especially since I picked a complex shape, one of the hardest NMM metals, and the fact that I rarely do NMM. Oh well, I’ll figure it out- you don’t get better by just doing stuff you’re comfortable with. Here’s my first go at it
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    That copper NMM is looking beautiful!
    When I saw the top picture I had to go back and re-read to see that it wasn't actually TMM. So you managed to fool me

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    Love how big you've gone with this one, Sik. So far your ambition & courage with the brush are paying off.

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    So you are putting your new airbrush through its paces then? I really like where you are going with the flesh so far.

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    Thank you guys!! Happy to have the support- this has been a daunting project.

    gorb- I’m glad it fooled you at first glance!! That means I at least did something right. It was easier on the scythe, I failed pretty miserably on the dagger thing, so I’m gonna prime and paint the other scythe for her right hand. I’m not versed enough in NMM to pull off the dagger (pics attached)

    rhett- thanks you!! To be honest I’m wondering if I went a little too big... I feel like I did with the seer. I spend as much time staring at the model wondering how to attack it as I do actually painting. But that’s how I learn the most so hopefully I come out of it with sharper skills regardless of the outcome.

    eki- yes I have! I’ve been using it whenever the process calls for it. I’m not the best spray gunner but practice makes perfect, so I’m working on blending my techniques more. The flesh is growing on me as I progress.

    so I’m progressing pretty slowly on lady a but got a litttle done on the torso. As mentioned I’m still struggling with analysis paralysis staring at the model as much as I actually slap paint on. Hopefully when I’m done the base colors refining will go a little more smoothly. I did take a little sojourn and put together some ork brutes (box left over from my diorama) for a warcry warband. I played last week and loved it, but haven’t grabbed the box set yet. Plus I’m partial to the AoS destruction forces. Im using them to practice some airbrushing techniques and did a bit on their flesh. I’m liking it so far, and after a little refinement I think they’ll look pretty cool. Albeit I keep telling myself they’ll just be tabletop quality, but I’m finding that increasingly hard to do.Name:  6A716476-CEF4-40D6-B5B8-316D426CEEAE.jpg
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    The wings look amazing. I love the skull/eyes you did on those!

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    Thanks graishak! I’m procrastinating doing the other panels.

    heres where she’s at for the moment. I ditched the dagger thing and redid the skin process for her right hand. I think these are the first pics posted with most of her together.
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    shes looking fantastic. really cool colour choices. good stuff
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