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    Sigmar and yote, Thank you guys for stopping in and for the support! They have been a challenge to say the least and to put it cleanly... highlights and shadows were even more work than the freehand, but I think I’m getting close... apologies for the dark crappy photo, they’re still really glossy from the ink washes so it’s hard to get a good pic. Hopefully I’ll do some more air glazing tonight, finishing touches, and move onto the body! I’m saving the tops of the wings for later as I want the colors to tie into the body more.
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    That combination of skull and eye is very nice. Admiring your free-hand work on these.
    A true "eye-catcher" :-)

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    I agree with Graishak Eye-catching freehand! There is an awesome amount of contrast in this, it looks like real butterfly wings.
    Very nice!

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    Oh wow! The wings are looking fantastic there Sik!

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    Thanks all!

    Graishak you’re so punny!! Lol I love it. And yes thank you guys, I was trying to figure out how to make them beautiful yet scary/creepy at the same time- she is a demon after all. I guess it turned out about right with your reactions. I actually haven’t worked on them since the pic, I moved on to touching up the NMM on her scythes. I will go back to the wings when I get closer to the finish line. I’m hoping to have her done in the next few days (by Monday) for the miniature monthly masters online comp. it’s gonna be tough but I think I can pull out something decent. Worst case I’ll put her together and take pics to send, them break her apart and refine to the ultimate details before Adepticon, because I want to use her for the resin beast comp as well and need her to be absolutely impeccable for that one. There’s some pretty high line elite competition to go against in that one...

    hopefully ill have more to post soon (good progress I mean) in the next few days

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    Updated scythes! Now they need handles and eyes...
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    These look awesome Siks! Great color choices and a super smooth blend.

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    really nice work on those sickles.

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    Thanks all!! After a neck breaker session today I managed to finish her enough to enter the comp. Buzzer beater 2 minutes before submission deadline, but at the end, with no time left, I realized I submitted duplicate angles AND my hands in one of them... oh well what are you gonna do?? I think she turned out decent for me rushing to complete her. Not as good as I would have hoped, and I may take her apart and keep refining for Adepticon but I wanted to share her here- I do feel accomplished finally knocking her out. Without further ado----Name:  unnamed-4.jpg
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    the finished piece looks awesome, well done
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Gorgeous! I really love the red and blues you worked into her skin, it adds so much to it and gives it that "possessed" look. Best of luck in the Comp!
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    Thanks all!! Glad it turned out... was a good bit o work. As mentioned I think I might go back in the future tonrefine litttle things I can seen in person but not in the photos. But I’m glad I made the deadline. I’ll have news on how she did on the 15th.

    in the meantime, I need to decide on new projects and want to upload her. This may sound silly, but when you all upload multi shot pics to the gallery how do string em together? Just photoshopping? Arkaan mentioned that the pic of my last one could have been better and want to have pics for voting that do her justice. Anyone know the best dimensions for a pic? Is it possible to upload multiples and they just stack on top of each other? Or do I need to do my own editing? I was thinking of doing something like the ticker tapes you see with all the photos in a vertical line so you can scroll down

    and lastly Eki this is a question for you, how do you go about cleaning those tiny Metal infinity models? I just picked up a box and am a little daunted working with those tiny metal bits

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    What do y'all think of this as the gallery pic? Prob gonna upload tonight.Name:  LADY A COMPOSITE.jpg
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    I think the pic looks fine. Everything seems to be in focus and of a decent size with enough angles to capture the whole figure.
    As for cleaning the Infinity figures, I used an X-acto knife to trim off the bigger pieces of flash and mold lines and then use diamond files to get the remaining mold lines and burrs down, took forever as I was using the files rather gently so as not to mess up any of the sculpt if at all possible. I didn't do it on the last figure I did, but you can also then use some steel wool (maybe 000 or 0000 sizes) to polish it down more if you want.

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    Awesome thanks Eki! Looking to start messing with a few of them tonight. That or finish my warcry orks

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    You're welcome. Which set did you get? And good luck going from that huge figure to these tiny ones, not that I have any doubts about your painting chops though.

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