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    I got the wildfire set. With the O-12 and Shasvastii. I like the look of the O12 and am looking forward to messing with them, but wildfire was the only set my local store had, they just got infinity in. And actually I’m looking forward to going small, I think blending on little stuff is easier than the big ones. Plus much less area to cover lol it’ll be a welcome change of pace, trying to stay versatile as well

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    Wow Sik, last time I checked in you're halfway painting those wings, next thing you've completed it and everything looks fantasic! Honestly those wings are incredable, well done on them, but the entire piece is just superb. Congrats on this

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    Voted and comment left. This is really an amazing work. I love the "eyecatcher" Lady :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sik Willy View Post
    I got the wildfire set. With the O-12 and Shasvastii. I like the look of the O12 and am looking forward to messing with them, but wildfire was the only set my local store had, they just got infinity in. And actually I’m looking forward to going small, I think blending on little stuff is easier than the big ones. Plus much less area to cover lol it’ll be a welcome change of pace, trying to stay versatile as well
    Oof, that's a bit of money for only one faction you like. I have just purchased a couple singles blisters of the one's I like and still have to find the daktari one (been lazy about ordering it online and way too lazy to drive the 20 miles to the closest game store that has them)

    Hopefully you have a good time painting them though! I think I like them because they are small you can get away with some stuff (because of lack of space to do it) but they are for the most part pretty good sculpts. I think I also like it because I have to focus a bit more when I am doing them which tends to help me avoid distractions when painting.

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    Thank you guys I appreciate it!!

    Sigmar yea it was a tough one trying to get her completed, I was running up agains the deadline for Miniature Monthly Masters and put in about 14-15 hours straight on monday (day off from work, no little one either) and i literally had the submission in 2 minutes before the deadline. talk about a weight off my shoulders! and thank you for the compliments much appreciated!!

    Graishak I reckon she's caught a lot of eyes, I painted COUNT 26 eyes!!!! on her. two on the head, 8 on the wings, and each side of the sickles have 4, so thats another 16... I know you know how i feel after doing that beholder!!

    Eki- I actually won a $100 Gift card for winning a 40k escalation league at my FLGS, I went 8-0 with my Tyranids so I spent it on the box set. So i really only spent like $30 i figured it was a good point to start. I like the whole combined army thing but Im just not sure if Shasvastii fit my play style, Im more of a go big go in hard kind of guy, not so tricksy. Once i learn to play and practice on this set I may look into Yu Jing or Pan O. About to go prime em now, I have most of the set done. the sculpts seem to be pretty nice its just been a loooooooong time since I had to deal with metal models and flash. I never realized how spoiled I was with the newer GW stuff!

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    Ahh good luck in the Miniature Monthly comp, I wanted to enter something myself but just couldn't find the time to finish anything (just bought a house....needs a lot of work!)

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    Thanks Sigmar! I need it lol. Sorry you couldn’t get around to putting something in, life has a way of messing our plans up sometimes. Good luck with the house! I know that’s a lot of work.

    anyway I’ve Gone a little dark, been playing with some orks for warcry, nothing special. Honestly being a little sloppy with em, just trying to get em done to play with. I also assembled some infinity figures and put some basecoats on, then backed away knowing if I was gonna paint em how I really wanted em done it would take a long time. Been on a little break I guess, but I’d like to get the ball rolling on another something big soon. I have a lot of planning cutting and sculpting to do.

    as for the comp, results come out tomorrow so I’ll post about that. Prob gonna get my butt kicked for rushing the model. However, I am a little overwhelmed, surprised, and super grateful on how Lady A is scoring right now. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and votes!!!! It is greatly appreciated. Now I just have to figure out how to top her!

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    Dude, nothing to be surprised about: the Lady is a bold and beautiful paintjob, deserving of the score she's getting.
    Good luck in the comp, let us know how you go!

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    Thanks gorb, I really appreciate it!!!

    as for the comp, results were just posted. Drumroll.....

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    Pretty stoked on this!!! They didn’t post runners up for best of show this year yet, just first which I was actually ineligible for anyway so definitely not butthurt about not getting that. Definitely very grateful, and pretty happy, I won a Golden gnome! It’s not a demon but maybe I’ll work my way up to there one day!

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    Well done mate! Well deserved too. I reckon that golden demon is not too far off in your future.

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    nice one well done
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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    Just saw the MM email and results, really pleased to see you get first place, congrats but well deserved I think. You knocked it out the park with that piece.

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    Congrats to the award!
    I'm jealous about the variety of competitions, which are over there in the states.
    Wish there would be more here in Germany ;-)

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    Thanks guys!!! Very much appreciated.

    gorb- I hope so, still trying to fine tune my plans. Every time I think I’ve decided on pieces I want to change things or retool my mental sketch. Hopefully I’ll get brush to model sometime soon, I need to be like you and learn to sculpt if I’m gonna pull it off!

    Sigmar- thanks bud!! I’m definitely pleased with the results, and excited to see what kind of prize support they have. Hoping for new creatures to paint... sorry you didn’t manage to get one in this year. I know how life can get. I have my second little one on the way in December and I know that’s gonna throw a wrench in my progress

    graishak- MMM is actually online and global, anyone can enter as long as they’re a patron of Miniature Monthly. There are a bunch of online comps out there that would be open, next year I’ll try for the eavier Metal eadbanger, lots of top tier competition there but again an online comp. I guess there may not be that many in Germany but I feel like there are so many across Europe, granted they’re pretty serious. SMC, Monte San Savino, all the golden demons... you might have to travel a bit but I feel like we do too. Me going to Chicago for Adepticon is probably actually a longer travel distance than you going to the UK or Italy. Did Spiel not have a painting comp? Is t that in Germany?? Just poke around a bit I’m sure you’ll find something

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    ​Woohoo, that’s awesome. Congratulations, bud. You really pushed yourself and took on a huge challenge to realize what you planned, and you absolutely nailed it. Now you’ve got the award to prove it. Very happy for you!

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    Great job and congrats on the wins! You did a magnificent job on the Lady of Agony figure and the results speak to that!

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    Thanks Eki and Toad!! I appreciate it! The glitter is wearing of a little now as I’m trying to plan the next big project and the stress of life/work/new baby is setting in. I’m also trying to not anticipate the arrival of the trophy and prizes too much because I’ll just be anxious until they come. That way I’ll just be happy when they get here, MM couldn’t tell me what I’d get from creature caster other than “it’ll probably be something good” lol and it’s coming directly from them.

    anyway, what’s on my table now... I’ve been reticent to start heavy converting for my GD projects, I keep flip flopping on what I want to do. In the meantime my buddy and I have been getting into infinity, I got the new starter set with the shasvastii and o-12 but after messing with them a little I decided I don’t want to really do them all right now. I picked up a few Yu Jing models since they fit my playstyle more and I started throwing some color down on 4 of em. I also just received a model in the mail for the CK studios secret Santa, which I paint and send back to the owner. Someone else is painting one of mine. So that’s what I’ve been working on! We’ll see how long it lasts...

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    So it’s been tough to get a good amount of time in, life’s been hectic. But here’s updates. Started project #1 for GD, still have a long way to go sculpting and converting (gorbs rubbing off on me) a few pics of the mock-up attached. Made a little progress on my Yu Jing squad, nothing fancy I just want em high tabletop but those are famous last words. Also, I got my stuff from MMM today. Trophy’s not as nice as the Nova awards but what counts is what it stands for and I’m super happy with it, it’s displayed proudly with the others. It also included a bunch of minis from various manufacturers; a bust from black heart, a sister of battle proxy from raging heroes, minis from reaper and dark sword, a few others I’ve never heard of, a rathscore painting handle, and 2 boxes for war machine stuff from privateer, 1 squad of knight looking dudes and a “colossal war jack” that looks kinda cool. Basically a whole bunch of stuff for my backlog!!! I’m eyeing the bust though... it’s a werewolf like old school movie style which could be cool. Anyway, here’s some picsName:  48FDD3D6-505B-4467-82DD-FE71E905C2E5.jpg
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    Wow, so much going on
    The green troopers look sweet, I like the green vs metallics you've got there. Such cool sculpts too...

    The nurgle conversion is looking great too. Be careful of that green stuff though. Once you pop you can't stop! lol

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