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    That osl looks great! And the orks are, well, sick!

    “A painter should begin every canvas with a wash of black, because all things in nature are dark except where exposed by the light.”
    Leonardo da Vinci

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    Well played buddy well played-werewolves of London !!!

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    Thanks everyone!!! It was a cool project for my first bust, I have a few more to come hopefully. For now I’m back in the myrmidon, started the shield. Still needs lots of refinement but I’m liking it!! And yes I know the horns have issues right now lol I didn’t get to them much last night, very sketchy still.
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    Amazing freehand Sik!!!

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    love those orcs. they look awesome.

    you have a really nice warm cold balance on the hairy chap. good stuff
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    Some great work in this thread over the last few weeks (been keeping up to speed on instagram as well).

    The Wolfman is top notch and looked spectacular in the final lit photographs. Similar with the orks squad, really impressive weathering and thematic approach to them.

    Looking forward to seeing that Ogroid progress - always a god motivator to get a nice piece of freehand under your belt as part of a new project!

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    Hey dudes, been away for a while. Took a break from here but wanted to share a couple more recent works with you all, for those of you who I haven’t been keeping up with in IG or FB. The first is an ork bust from FeR (Ragnok, Norse Ork Hero), it’s a 160mm scale so on the smaller side for a bust. The next is one I’ve just completed, Faenir from Abyssoul I did for their treasure hunt contest. I ran out of time on Faenir towards the end, there’s a lot more I wanted to do with him as far as tonal variation, details, and volumes. Also some more refinement. Some things did turn out well enough for me to consider passable, like the tattoos. I know I’m always over critical of my work but that’s one of the ways I push myself to be better. He’s called “Faenir, gunner of the kraken” so I did a kraken tattoo on his belly holding an anchor, the script tat on his arm says Faenir in Norse (I googled it) and his back the tattoo is the map of Furisia, the realm from Abyssoul (reference pulled off their website). The map is as true to scale as I could get it, given the fact I painted it on a mini with bulging back muscles. Let me know what you guys think, and I hope you’ve all been well and to be around a little more again.
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    Wow! Orc bust and Faenir look amazing! Great job on the free-hand on both of those, especially Faenir that back tat is SIK! Sorry to hear you ran out of time on him for the competition. Hope you and the family are all doing well

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    You are simply one of the best painters around!!! True story no lie!!!!

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    Hey buddy, your latest pieces are amazing. I love the tattoos :-)

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    Man, these are fantastic! Love the tattoos, but also the golden NMM on the canon decoration. And that beard!

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