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    Excellent -every this you touch!!!!

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    Thanks everyone!! Finally finished up the orks. Ready to game with em... fortunately I was able to get my wife to try and learn Warcry for quarantine! I’ve also started a new project, about time for my first bust!! Also deciding to work on some OSL as that’s something I understand very well theoretically but haven’t done much practically. Hope everyone’s doing well!
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    Amazing orks, the battle damage and all that blood really is extremely well done and looks extremely nice, great work.

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    Oh! So much blood, It looks really good, great idea!

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    Those guys are jumping directly out of a splatter movie.
    What material did you use for the blood-slimes?

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    Thank you clouds, shak, and Dex. Definitely went for a gory vibe on them.

    Graishak- the viscera was made with Uhu glue with some S75 crimson ink and some brown contrast paint mixed in. GW blood for the blood god for the splatter over several layers of browns and reds.

    the bloodtoofs are up for voting here:

    votes and comments much appreciated, as BaM mentioned there are lots of snipers and trolls afoot....

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    Update: I forgot to name the post for the orks in the gallery so the link may not be active again for a little until it’s approved

    Edit: the link to the bloodtoofs is active again and they appreciate your votes and comments!
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    Voted & comment left!

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    I don't think there is enough blood on your orks! Nice job on them! And I am digging that red glow on the wolfman bust already!

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    Bloody fantastic work on the orks

    First I thought it looked like to much but the more I was looking the better it became, They have a good feeling and the bases fitts them very well also.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Thanks to you I now know how I'll paint all that miniatures from HATE which are still waiting on me...

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    Thanks guys!

    Eki- made more progress, looks more like firelight now too. Pics below.
    Kretcher- thank you! That echoes my own sentiment as well. I thought I went to far after just feeling it out as I went, then i became happy with the results and the vibe I got. Always fun trying new things, even more so when it leads to a cool result.
    Dex- thank you once again, also for the great comment on the gallery submission. I think the style would fit really well on Hate minis. Have a go at it, it’s super fun making them gory and gritty!

    as for progress on wolf man, here we are.
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    OSL light is nicely placed and feel realistic, like it.

    work is boring when it gets in the way of my painting.

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    Very nice OSL on the wolf! I really like how the light effect loses strength when it is farther from the light source. Also looks a lot of work going "hair by hair".

    Also love the Warcry orks, although is a "pity" to cover such a good paintjob with the blood effect (Although in in the game it will surely have an intimidating effect.

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    Wolfman looks great. He’ll definitely turn heads sitting on the shelf.

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    Cheers guys! Here’s some preliminary finished pics of the wolf man. Happy with it for the short time put in for sure, and for my first bust and first true environmental OSL attempt. Let me what y’all think!
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    Great stuff man!!!! I can hear him howling

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    Excellent! I like the pattern on the shirt.

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