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    She is looking good! love the colors you have for the head and collar bit and such a bright butt! Question what is that metal looking piece in the socket where the wing would go?

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    Nothing BUT outstanding and fascinating painting work coming out of this thread mate!!!

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    Thanks BaM and Eki!!! Glad you’re all enjoying it and that I can share it all with you. I just hope she meets my expectations and vision in the end. I’m doing my best to try and level up with every piece.

    Eki- it’s a paper clip lmao- the pin for her arm is extra long right now so it holds itself in the socket and I can put it in to check it all out without gluing yet. I’m gonna clip it short when it comes time to put it all together

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    Wow, you are talented, love your work.

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    ok makes total sense now. I didn't realize you had pinned it already

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    Thanks Clouds! Glad you stopped in to be a part of it. Eki- yea the head, arm, and right hand have pins just so I can slide them in and see how the whole thing looks together. I won’t glue them in for a while.

    i started on the other wing panels, and I can’t help thinking “why the f$;& did I do this to myself” so I hope it looks cool and worth it in the end. I’d like to have it finished in another 2 weeks for an online comp but I’m not holding my breath. There’s a ton of work to do still. Anyway here’s progress. At least she’s starting to take shape.
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    First off, this is looking fantastic! Really like the colors and those wings are looking amazing! are you painting the front and back of those wings the same colors or were you still planning to do one side a toned down version? If you were planning on doing a toned down side shouldn't one of those wings be the toned down since one is the top and the other the bottom sides?

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    Thanks Eki! I’m feeling a bit better about the progress, prob being too hard on myself. And that’s a great observation about the wings- my plan is to actually do them all pretty uniformly, and them moderate the tones afterward. I’m working on integrating my airbrush more into my work and that’s a perfect opportunity to do so. Not to mention dealing with mirroring/replicating the design 3x is hard enough, dealing with the tonal variations in a design like this is more work than I’d like when I feel there may be an easier solution for the same results. I’ll be able to shadow everything more uniformly with filter glazes this way. However all the ifhlights and refinement still all needs to be done by hand and I’ll be able to vary it where it needs to be

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    shes looking great, those wings are brilliant, they really set the whole piece of nicely.
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    I must admit I first thought that the body and the wings don't quite go together.
    But seeing them like this, with the ridges on the head with the same accent color as the wings, it looks FANTASTIC!

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    Stunning result so far. Really great job!
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    Thank you yote, gorb, and Dex!!!! It’s encouraging to hear as I power through the tedious parts. I’m glad I’m starting to be able to get the vision from my head, through the brush, and on to the mini in a cohesive result. I think it’s helping in my growth as a painter. I can’t wait to get through the wings to keep working on the body where I have some cool things planned and to see it all come together, I hope I can get my vision for the base to work as well I’m not leaving myself much time for it.

    Anyway, here’s progress on the wings. I think I’ve got the symmetry and mirroring down pretty well minus a few adjustments, I’ll be hitting the freehand tomorrow and hopefully I can knock that out.Name:  9DABAAF2-EC9A-4CDC-8B5E-F073496E7253.jpeg
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    It's just coming together really awesomely! Keep up the grat work!

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    Thanks Arkaan! I’m doing my best but this is giving me hell.

    i have the skulls sketched out and have been working on the eyeballs. I didn’t quite like what I had so I wanted to try for a more realistic approach and I’m starting to think it won’t be feasible. I did a quick mock up on what I wanted to try on a piece of paper and I think it turned out alright. (Highlights a little off) went to do it on the wing and the sculpt is making it damn near impossible. I looked again at Richard greys mortarion wing and noticed that he actually sanded down or resculpted where he painted the eyes. So I’m torn between two options- 1. Sand down the sculpt for a flat surface and redo em. If it fails then I’m screwed, to add to that I can’t seem to get the highlights right either, and as you can see on the second wing in order to have it mirrored it throws off the lighting in the eyeball. It could add an interesting extra layer of contrast, realistic vs moth wing pattern but that could also backfire. Option 2: ditch the realistic approach and paint everything in textures as to be part of a moth wing, but lose the creepy vibe extra layer of real eyes in her wings. Any 3rd options would be helpful, and any feedback anyone could give would be sweet. I did want to enter this in a couple comps so I want it to be my best work. Let me know what y’all think. I’m trying to find the best option to display my limited talents without over stretching myself. I’d rather have something less technical but done well than something more difficult executed poorly. I also don’t want to detract from the piece, I know composition is everything. Also wondering if the saturated purples in the eye are too much. I’m thinking of resting on it and going back to the body since there’s plenty of work to do there, maybe if I can get her and the base done I’ll feel better about tinkering with it if I have some breathing room. First one I’m looking at is online and due in on the 4th. So not much time left.
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    instead of sanding it down and potentially ruining the wing, couldn't you just add some small amounts of milliput or greenstuff to fill in the area to make it flatter. Maybe just use something you can remove first to see if you like the effect or not like maybe silly putty, blue tac, or some wax that won't bond with the resin? Personally I think if you can get the effect without getting rid of the veins it would be so much for the better, but can understand the issue you are having

    Also, I like the saturated purple especially if you can tie it in with the body. But can understand if you want to change it some
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    These wings look incredible mate!

    My $0.02: maybe just completely mirror the eyes on the wings, even the highlight-direction.
    The reasoning being that the highlight direction of the eyes on the wings will in all likelyhood not completely match the highlight direction of the figure itself, so trying to twist yourself and your sanity into knots by attempting to match the highlight direction of both wings may not even work.

    Also, the wings won't end up as a flat surface, what I mean is that once on the figure they won't lie on a plane.
    So there is that as well...

    Whatever you decide to do, I am sure you will make it work. Good luck!

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    Thanks guys!! I appreciate it. Being impetuous and impatient I just decided to nut up and paint it over the wonky surface... still haven’t placed highlights but I’m going with gorb here and I’m just gonna place em where they make em look like eyes. Not an exact mirror but I want a little abnormality in it. In the meantime, I didn’t the eyes minus highlights (the one there is left over) and got to a decent point with the eyes morphing into skulls... the deeper I get into this bottle the sloppier I get so I’m gonna chill for tonight. Either way I feel good about moving on to the rest tomorrow. Hopefully I can hammer this b*%#* out by the end of the week and have it good enough to place in something for the comp. I can always come back to her later for Adepticon. Anyway, here’s progress. And yes I know one eye has a big pupil, that one pretty much faces the ground so I figured it’d be dilated more
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    Great work on those wings, it'll be totally worth it in then end and you'll be really pleased you did it

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    fantastic work on the wings. they great. really cool design
    My WIP thread - where the painting and rambling happens

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