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    Sorry the pics are wonky and out of order, I’ll get this right eventually

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    Congrats on your wins mate! Your work is awesome, you deserved it!

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    Thank you!!! I’m out of town but itching to start on my next project already!

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    So after a non-vacation in SC (thank you Hurricane Dorian) consisting of constant packing and unpacking and moving around and about 36 hours of driving vs 3 hours of fishing, I’m back home for a week. I have a small commission piece to do, a Mario and peach wedding cake topper, and then I’m back into Sik mode. I can’t decide what to do for Golden Demon, I know I really need to step up my game on that one, so I picked up a couple scale 75 models to play with as kind of a palette cleanser I guess. Draxx will be my first bust, and saw Nancy Steelpunch as an opportunity to work on a few things like velvet skin tones, NMM, and high color saturation. So that’s whats on the que until I get a definitive GD plan. Also, to any veteran competitors, do you know how far in advance GW will select the model for the Eavy Metal masters category? I would like to enter it depending on the model choice, but haven’t seen anything for the GD US at Adepticon for it.Name:  ED165A68-BDC0-45DA-B518-1EB9B86C4E80.jpg
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    It’s been a crazy busy week back home, haven’t had time to work on the projects I want to work on, guess they’ll have to wait until after my Cali trip. The little extra time I’ve had was spent making up games in my FLGS 40k escalation league. My Nids are 7-0, last undefeated crew with one more game remaining. I was able to put some paint on the wedding cake topper today, need it done by tomorrow night but it shouldn’t be an issue. It’s pretty simple. However remind me never to take another 3D garage print job... the striations are a b@$&). Should still look passable in the end, I’m not charging much for it.Name:  F9AC41A7-0922-4B23-B359-A93801832C92.jpg
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    Congrats on your Nids Nads !!! Lololo and the Mario thing is very cool- this like this cleanse the palate !!!

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    Nice, really like the Princess Peach and Mario topper!

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    Nice job with your filthy xenos, pal.
    The cake topper looks cool, but I can see what you mean about the printing artifacts!

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    The layer lines are clearly visible this close up, but I think it should be safe to say that a cake topper won't get as close an inspection as an entry at a painting competition. If they kinda blend in from a few feet away, you will be safe.

    Just don't use any washes hahaha!

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    So I figured I’d post this since it’s my most recent project, however minor. Finished the cake topper and snapped a few pics. It’s far from perfect but I think pretty decent for 1.5 days. Especially since I smudged paint on it like 3 times today and had to fix mistakes. There’s one in the pics that I got afterward. Of course I look at it and want to pick it apart, there’s 1,000 things I don’t like about it or I could do better blah blah you know how it goes, but the guy I did it for was crazy happy with it, so I guess that’s all that matters. I think the faces turned out decent tho. At least it looks like Mario and peach lol and I did manage a “lovey” expression on their faces which I was pleased with. But I think peach looks like a porcelain doll...

    anyway, off to the left coast for me to see my little bro and his wife. Nice to know that NorCal doesn’t get hurricanes... and I’ll finally get on that Draxx bust or Nancy Steelpunch when I get back.
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    Thanks Gorb! Yea I was pleased with it for the short ish amount of time I spent on it. Client was overly thrilled so that was rewarding as well. Good little break project. Can’t wait to get stuck into something more serious though, gotta 1 up my last couple pieces!!

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    looks really good. the shade and light are really nice work
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    Yeah, that cake topper turned out fantastic! Did you start on either of your two Scale75 busts/figures?

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    Thanks coyote and Eki. It was a decent little quick project. Did everything in about 1.5 days (painting wise). I think it turned out well for such a small time investment. Anyway I’m back from Monterey, was a great family trip. Caught some sweet Pacific Rockfish too. Now that I’m back I’m eager for my next project, but having some serious analysis paralysis on what to do. I e been thinking on my scale 75 stuff for two weeks now, I couldn’t wait to start them. But now I’m having second thoughts. Since I e decided to give Golden Demon a go, I need to peg down my projects and get moving on them. I don’t want to be backed up and that comp is on such a high level that I feel like I’m really shooting for the stars here, so much so that just project selection is giving me some serious stress. So I’m kinda stuck in a weird place. I don’t want to take time away from competition pieces but I’m eager to try that bust, but I also don’t want to spend a ton of time on it. I guess I’ll figure it out I feel like I’m talking/thinking in circles. I’ll post when I make some progress on something. Cheers guys

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    Makes sense to hold off on the Scale75 stuff if you want to focus on GD. I did see that they just announced the categories on Warhammer Communities. Best of luck with whatever you paint up for that!

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    Lololol man oh man do I love that piece- especially it holds a place in my heart as mario bros was a huuuge pastime .

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    Thanks BaM!! Glad you liked it. Eki- thanks for the heads up I went and checked it out, but honestly I’m pretty disappointed to see they’re not going to have the Eavy Metal masters division here, that was the one I really wanted to do. They e also consolidated duel and dio into one cat, I was considering a duel but now I may not since it’ll be up against all those crazy battle scenes. But in the meantime I’ve decided on a project, I have a month to finish it for an online comp. the creature caster lady of anguish aka butterfly booby moth lady. I’ll bring it to Adepticon as well for creature casters resin beast comp, so at least I’m working towards to big con level competitions. And both that I’ll enter with this have cash prizes so that’s a bonus. I have her primer and ready to go, hopefully I’ll make some progress on her today. The hardest part will be discerning a color scheme. I’m gonna kinda hash it out as I go. But at least I’m back at the painting table after almost a month off of serious projects. I’m gonna try to stop forcing the GD thing. I know an idea will come to me if I let it, give it some time so I can do my best work.

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    Man, I think you have the chops to enter the duo/dio category in GD. Besides, even though they combined them they may still kind of keep them separate for awards given. That Booby butterfly evil moth lady is a neat model, did you see the one they just came out with though (Queen of Malifica)? Cool as all get out, but don't think I would want to paint it with all the detail. Looking forward to seeing the, moth demon lady you paint

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    Thanks Eks! I hope so. Doesn’t feel like it at the moment but I really really appreciate the encouragement it goes a long way! So even though I’ve picked a model now I’m having trouble with color scheme. I tried slapping some paint on a wing today to try to hash something out and I hate it. I was going for high saturation (which I got) but it’s waaaay too loud I think. I’m sure I could make it better with more work but I’m really rethinking the whole thing. I feel like the wings will help dictate the rest you the model so i wanna hash out the wing design first. Another problem might be that I’m trying to mash up several different moth species wing designs and tweak the colors too. But I feel like mine so far looks like a poster out of a head shop... maybe I’ll figure it out soon.Name:  D2BD608F-061D-451F-88E1-BD112CD66430.jpeg
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