A couple of solutions I thought I'd share.
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Thread: A couple of solutions I thought I'd share.

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    Default A couple of solutions I thought I'd share.

    I've just been to a Model Kit swap today and in discussion over a brew with a couple of the more senior present (read old grumpies like myself ) were several topics about aging and being a painter and modeller. (Yeah gererally getting older sucks!)

    But I gave an idea about managing tired arms and arm rests for one chap who is finding holding stuff in a comfortable position to be getting difficult.
    I suggested getting a long towel rail and covering it in either Foam Pipe Lagging (Insulation) or a Pool Noodle so that he could rest his forearms on it comfortably. (add wood blocks for height as needed and/or clamps to lock it to the table/worksurface).

    Also about cleaning brushes after every session ( I was amazed to find out how many of them didn't! ) Airbrush cleaner pooled into a plastic lid (Pringles...so you do have an excuse) will clean the recent paint out of the brush nicely. Also get some old crud out as well. (That one got a couple of mental facepalms along the lines of Fudge Me how simple!) I use this and then a brush soap wash after every project.

    Something that's common among us all is the need for reading glasses/magnifiers several of us use clip on magnifiers having given up on Optivisors due to either weight or (my case) oily skin, or a lack of hair to act as a brake; one lad (younger than me) recommended this style as far lighter:- https://www.amazon.co.uk/RIGHTWELL-Headband-Magnifier-Led-Lights/dp/B01GTF06PS/ref=sr_1_13?crid=18NDTV4NQYK9A&keywords=magnifier+ with+light&qid=1566148812&s=gateway&sprefix=Magnif ier%2Caps%2C145&sr=8-13
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    I wouldn't recommend those magnifiers personally. I have them and find that there is enough forward weight to them that the nose piece starts to hurt a bit, especially that one with the metal nose piece (there is rubber over it, but still uncomfortable to me) I had a pair like it but all plastic that were a little better. these ones: https://www.amazon.co.uk/KKmoon-1-0X...ateway&sr=8-33

    Can't adjust the nose piece like the one's in your link, but I could wear them for longer than the other ones

    Good ideas about the arm rest and cleaning the brush though.
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