The following scenario's will be played:
1- A Clash of Kings
2- A Dance with Dragons
3- Fire and Blood

If we manage to get 12 or more players additionally:
4- A game of Thrones

Now. After a frantic month of painting (contrast FTW!) and basing the horde I am looking at my options and due to the vastly different playstyle of the Lannisters and Starks I have had games with I am lost.
I am trying to grasp how to build 2 armylists that can possibly/ideally 'take all comers' and/or tackle all scenario's.

The army I painted consists of the following:
All commanders/NCU's (the heroes 1 I should get this week at some point)
-1x spearwives
-3x Trappers
-3x Cave Dwellers
-5x Giant (I know. A bit much )
-8x Raiders
(plus 2x raid leaders, 2x Cave Dweller alpha's plus a spearwife matriarch)

What would you recommend that a newby FF general brings to have fun and ideally have a decent shot at potentially winning some games?