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    Hey Y'all!

    I am new to miniature painting and this was my first attempt ever after watching countless hours on Youtube. I would love feedback and please be critical. I want to get better at this hobby and knowing what I can improve on will help me tremendously.Name:  IMG_0198.JPG
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    Hi and welcome rdurk!

    > and this was my first attempt ever after watching countless hours on Youtube

    yup, been there done that, I think we all have

    First off, a caveat: I'm not the best painter on the forum here. For some great advice, you should probably look to the other people on here.
    However, with my limited experience, I can spot some things on this piece that I have done myself in the past, and that I have learned to do differently.

    So here goes:

    I think the figure came out good for a first attempt. You used a main color scheme (red + gold) that works well.
    Your lines are good, however you can definitely work tidying up: the separation between the gold trim and the red cloak for example, especially where the piece is complicated. There are some red drops of paint on the belt and on the gold around the belt...

    It looks like you used a wash on the cloak and a light wash on the face, but not on the hands. Also, while the cloak now has shadows, it doesn't have any highlights. Same for the dark hair. Speaking of the dark hair, it looks like you used straight black for this? Black is rarely used directly, rather it is only used for the deepest parts of a model, or the blackest part of a black part.

    Lastly, it is hard to tell where the boots end and the ground begins You may have to try and give the dirt a lighter drybrush or something, to give a better separation.

    To summarise:
    a) try to improve your brush control. It is good, but it could be better!
    b) try to use highlights as well as shadows, especially to separate the parts
    c) don't use black (or white) directly, rather shade down (or up) to it!


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    Welcome to the forums and hobby rdurk! First I will say nice work on your first or one of your first minis. One thing I notice that Gorb hasn't already covered, is you could do with a second or third coat of some of the colors. Take for instance the gold, there are spot like on the bottom edge of the cloak that either didn't get painted or the paint ran and didn't cover there. Don't be afraid to go back over spots that need additional paint to make them look right.
    I don't know what paint brand or how many paints you have, but you can use other colors besides pink to highlight the red that will often look much better. You could use a flesh tone (should be one of the lighter ones such as Maiden Flesh by Reaper, or Kislev Flesh by GW for example) or an orange. A good thing to do is look at photos or real world objects and see how the colors look in different light levels (google can be your friend here). Other than that I would say work on brush control and the consistency of your paints. Starting out you can use water to thin your paints down (if you didn't) and use multiple coats to get the desired color, for example your browns look like they were a little too thick when you applied them.
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    Welcome. Good advice from the others
    To add, remember prep work is vital for a well painted mini. Make sure you remove all the flash and mold lines before you start
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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