Who plays deathmatches?
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Thread: Who plays deathmatches?

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    Default Who plays deathmatches?

    My gamefriend and I prefer just battles where we fight till a victor is clear over the scenario modes.

    We also just dont like the extra distracting stuff on the battefield. Who also plays deathmatches?

    And are there mechanismes when once experienced in all factions that a deathmatch mode is not balanced?

    BTW we are both 50+ in age and played warhammer fantasy and 40k from the 90's but after 20 years restarting a tabletop game SOIAF is much better than expected. I remember comments on BGG that it is shallow, but i can safely say it is not.

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    We haven't done so, at least so far. I have a feeling that objective scoring is part of the game balance, otherwise "deathstar" tactics may prevail too much? How did it go for you?

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    Well tbh very good, funny, better than expected and easily punished for errors, which i personally love.... but we are novice players. I hoped more advanced players tried it as well.

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    Just playing to kill encourages tactical decisions less than scenario play, since you just have to make choices to optimize how much you kill.
    That said, maybe you could try the 'Fire and Blood' scenario, which is mostly just a kill-them-all.

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