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    Dear reader

    I know it aint teh right place for it but i didnt see a better one sofar. I own 3 boxes now and in one free folk starter set one of the trappers were missing a spear and in the nightwatch starter set a swordsmen was missing a 2 hands and a sword it was holding.

    Any idea if there is a way to obtain complete miniature or is that a dead end?

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    Friend of my recieve Yigritt with broken bow...

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    I'd open a ticket with CMON support:

    Not certain if Asmodee is handling that end, but in case you're referred there: Note that this is the North America site, which is currently down for maintenance.

    Also, you can probably throw these types of questions into the root ASOIF forum, rather than any of the sub-forums.
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    Yeah now i think Asmodee is handling all of this. At least i was referred there by CMON's csr last issue i had. Never had a bad miniature though.
    That said, i am pretty certain you can get a replacement miniature if they arrive broken.

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