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    Hi all,

    A bit back, I received my Z:I Soldier pledge. I didn't add any optional buys to my pledge, which I already regret for not having Dark Side.
    Nevertheless, I figured the base game, Black Ops and the extras would be enough.
    However, after adding the spawn cards for Seekers, Flingers and Moths to the deck, which were included in the pledge, we constantly kept running out of minis for them and started losing a lot from extra Abomination activations and spawns.
    The thing is, there are only 8 minis for each of the new xenos and a spawn card already spawns 4 at yellow level. If you happen to draw 2 cards for the same type not too far apart, you easily run out, especially on orange or red level and very easily when you start drawing Seeker mold spawns on maps with a lot of mold (e.g. M03).
    This made me wonder if these were even intended to be played with without the optional Promo Xenos pack, which would add another 8 of each of these. Although that pack also includes the spawn cards again.
    I wouldn't mind to at this point buy the Promo Xenos pack to make them playable, if that would be at all possible, but it isn't sold separately.
    Am I supposed to just leave them out and not use the minis, even though they were included in the pledge, along with the spawn cards?
    How do others deal with this?

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    I purchased Dark Side with my pledge, and am currently keeping the spawn decks separate. I did not get the extra copies of the Seekers, Flingers, and Moths.

    What i I did was split the spawn cards between the two sets, and this seems to be working ok so far. Every now and then we still get an issue with running out of minis (mostly the Seekers) but it has not been overwhelming.

    So based on my experience, I’d start by taking out a couple each of the spawn cards for those enemy types.
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