Shifting out of combat?
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Thread: Shifting out of combat?

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    Default Shifting out of combat?

    Is it legal for a ranged unit to shift out of combat to fire its ranged weapon?

    The rules don’t seem to suggest that you can’t and there doesn’t seem to be a ruling that you can only leave combat with a retreat action. And I don’t think it’s been addressed here in the forum.

    The reason I ask is that my Ranger Trackers keep ending up in attritional cavalry exchanges (which they’re not suited to) and retreating doesn’t help as they forfeit an attack to get charged again. I’d like to attack and manoeuvre the opposition so that I can bring other units to bear.

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    • Ranged Attacks may not be performed while engaged.
    Thus you can not make shift

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    Ranger Trackers are not meant to be engaged. Theu harass. If your opponent pursues them, try to take advantage eith other parts of the battlefield. They are allocating resources to engage the Trackers. Make them pay for it.

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    Per above, you cannot perform a Ranged Attack if you are Engaged.
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