How do You Like to Integrate Integrated Bases?
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Thread: How do You Like to Integrate Integrated Bases?

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    Default How do You Like to Integrate Integrated Bases?

    Hello Ya'll,

    I've got several Battletech minis I want to mount on plastic hex bases, as well as a dozen or two 28mm character models with integrated (molded on) bases that I want to mount on plastic rounds. I want to do these right, so I'm looking for tips on how you all handle minis with integrated (molded on) bases when mounting them to plastic slottas to make them flush, while preserving detail in the feet. I've got access to the following tools:

    1) X-Acto hobby knife w/ #11 blade.

    2) CA glue.

    3) 12 min. Epoxy glue.

    4) Epoxy Putty (Aves Apoxie Sculpt) and various shapers and spatulas for sculpting.

    5) Dremel Tool.

    6) Files (large rasp file and several fine jeweler files).

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    Are the figures plastic, resin or metal? If plastic or resin you could probably get away with the x-acto knife it will work on metal as well but go gently as you don't want to snap the blade. I would suggest buying a pair of sprue cutters (such as this one: if they are plastic or resin (don't use it on metal as it will tear up the cutter). There are cheaper brands so you don't have to go with the exact ones in the link. If they are metal minis, you might want to buy one of these ( Just slowly use the x-acto knife you have to basically push it down where you want the cut to be (work slowly if you wind up buying the mini saw). If you get the sprue cutters, just slowly cut off pieces of the base until you just have a small part under the feet and then use the x-acto to trim the rest or one of the jeweler files to file the final bits down. You should be able to get pretty close without messing up the feet too much or at all. Then use CA glue to attach to new base. If you are using slotta bases, you could leave a small tab under the feet and use that to mount in the slot and glue it there or I would suggest filling the slot with the epoxy putty to make it a flat base and then glue the mini down. Hope this helps

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    Thank you for the reply. My models are all either white metal or lead (for my really old sculpts), so working with the cast on integrated bases is a bit harder. If they were plastic or resin, I'd have much less of a problem.

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