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    I am wondering if someone has monochromatic painted his army.... ? I think the armies suit wel for this less time consuming method... (which i dont have experience with)

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    if done right, then it's much more time consuming, than a normal colorscheme army.
    You not only have to get the shading right, but you don't have the help of cold-warm colors, different tones and contrasting colors.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    And Zenithal priming with a few more colour accents

    Lets say lannisters priming black from below, darkred from middle and perhaps a lighter red from above.....
    And perhaps highlight the weapons and such.

    would that work?

    My paining and priming days are from the ninetees...

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    well they are your figures, so why not? sure. As long as you like them the way they are they are good.


    At the same time what you describe is a pre-shaded model, not a monochromatic one.
    To help with the 'readability' of the figure with the missing colors, you'd have to play with each area to have a different lightness to make them visible.

    Having 3 tones is a good start (1 really dark, 1 middle, 1 light).
    Then for example on these:

    - you could make the armor dark.
    - then to make the belts and pouches separate, they'd be the middle color
    - then the trousers give a bit of a problem, as to have contrast they'd have to be the light color which you may not like.
    - boots could be then the dark color
    - face should be the light one (hair could be the middle tone)
    - feather is either the middle or light (the dark armor separates them good enough, so either one works fine)
    - sleeves light, hands/gloves middle tone, then weapons can again be dark/ deviate from monochrome a bit and use metallics on them.

    btw the dark/middle/light in general means:
    - dark (black in your case, altough I'd rather use a black-red or dark grey instead, so you have the chance to shade it with pure black): about 50-75% of the area the darkest color highlighted with the middle/light tone
    - middle (dark red): about 50-75% of the area the middle tone, shaded with the dark color, highlighted with the light one
    - light (light red): about 50-75% of the area is the light tone shaded with the other 2 as needed.

    The only problem with this plan is that you may not like the light (red) sleeve/trouser one. To change that you'd need to replan the other areas too.

    one moment I'll edit the pic in PS a bit to show about what I mean.

    the pic. On the feet I couldn't decide if going light or staying dark would be better, I'd probably stay with the darker one.
    Name:  a-song-of-ice-and-fire-lannister-crossbowmen_edited.jpg
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    you can paint it relatively easy by:
    - priming the whole thing light (white, or some really light yellowish one (wraithbone spray from is good for this)
    - use a thinned wash of the light color on the light areas (I'd try a 3:1 ratio (GW contrast medium: GW contrast red))
    - on the medium areas use the (contrast) red as is or slightly diluted (1:1 or 1:2)
    - on the armor (dark areas) paint it black with a line highlight of a strong red (GW mephiston red for example)
    - paint blades/arrowheads metallic and done?
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    Forgot, that it works again.

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    o yes and that add some colours like the hats and shields if applicable.

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