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    Which is list is better and why?
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    I mean...they are basically the same list, so I'm curious as to why you chose tully Shields and Greataxes specifically. Between the three, I'd argue the one with the Stark bowmen, but I wouldn't use Sworn Shields or Bran, not entirely certain about the cav either.

    With great axes I'd use a Sworn Sword Captain, whatever that unit hits dies then, almost garunteed. And Id consider putting Robb in a different unit altogether.

    But onto why the first one...

    Again, wouldn't use Bran but that's the set up in all 3 lists so yeah. But, Greataxes are great so why not? And Summer is a given.

    Tully Sworn Shields are great, but slow so Robb is ok in them but better as an attachment not Commander. Though you can put Robb anywhere and your just dirty. Grey Wind is a given.

    House Tully Cavaliers? Haven't used them yet, but again...all your lists, cavalry is good to have but for a single point more you could have a far more annoying unit of Outriders led by Tully himself that constantly heals and charges.

    Now for the only real options...

    Why Bowmen? Stark Bowmen are disgusting with a Warden in them, period. Find an objective, take it with a unit, keep that unit in 6 ish inches and your Bowman got you covered, even shoot over walls.

    Umber Berserkers...these guys are great offensively but yern to be thrown into the fight, again I'd attach a Sword Captain.

    Lastly, Bastard's Girls...your not Ramsey, don't take them. Are the good? Kinda. How are they with Ramsey? Freggin stupid good. Again, either add Ramsey himself or a Sworn Sword cap and just murder things.

    As far as your NCU's go, you can do better.

    Sansa, great but could swap out for her little sis.
    Catelyn, also great but better with Berserkers.

    Depending on the list and needs I'd use either Eddard or Rodrik, why?

    Eddard: heals you on successful charges or moral tests.
    Rodrick: gives your melee attacks critical blows and puts out tokens.

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